10 PG-Rated Ways To Guarantee You’re The Girl He Can’t Stop Thinking About (Without Even Getting Naked)

Twenty20, 99msk
Twenty20, 99msk

1. Touch him—playfully, not sexually.

Physical contact doesn’t have to be sexual to turn a guy on and leave him thinking about you long after you go your separate ways. Every in-person interaction is an opportunity to introduce the idea of hooking up without being overtly sensual. If he says something funny or sarcastic, punch his upper arm playfully. When you spot him across the bar, approach him from behind and rest your hand on his shoulder a beat longer than you would if he were just a friend. Never underestimate the power of a little PG-rated foreplay.

2. Address him by name.

When you’re texting or speaking to the object of your affection, address him directly by name every so often. This is a simple but impactful tactic executives exploit to make an impression in the boardroom and it works just as well romantically. Think about it: Would you rather receive a message reading ‘You looked hot tonight’ or ‘You looked hot tonight, Chrissy’? I rest my case. You might even be so bold as to introduce someone’s full, given name (e.g. ‘You looked hot tonight, Christine’), and/or throw a last name in there (e.g. ‘You looked hot tonight, Christine Stockton’).

3. Draw attention to your mouth.

Whenever you’re together, make him focus on your mouth for at least a few seconds. The mouth is the most visible center of sensuality on your body, and by encouraging him to stare at it, you’ll get him thinking slash dreaming about the prospect of sleeping with you. So lick your lips with intention, stick your tongue out when he tells a joke, apply some Chapstick, or bite your bottom lip as you think in response to a question.

4. Laugh your face off.

Laughter is infectious. And smiling is a great look. A little giggling goes a long way in convincing another person that you’re a lovely, light-hearted human who can have a good time. If he’s not saying or doing anything worthy of a good chuckle, DIY that shizzle. Take the reins and inject the moment with a little humor by getting weird, telling a dumb joke, or poking fun at him gently (so as not to damage that fragile male ego, of course).

5. Emote like crazy.

Emoting enthusiastically is an effective way to demonstrate that you’re a wonderfully complex being with many passions who feels things besides happiness. By furrowing your brow, widening your eyes, wrinkling your nose, or dropping your jaw as he speaks, you also prove that you’re listening intently—because you care, and because he’s such an interesting person with compelling thoughts to share! If your crush starts to associate you with the ego boost he gets from seeing firsthand that he’s captivated you, it’s a serious win.

6. Play with your hair, obviously.

It’s the simplest trick in the Attract Him Like The Irresistible Magnet You Are book—because it works. Most guys don’t have much hair on their heads, because it’s short or they’re just bald. By playing with your hair, you remind a guy immediately that you’re a member of the opposite sex. Biologically speaking, your hair is also a sign of fertility. By running your fingers through your locks or pulling your threads back into a ponytail as they watch, you can exploit their carnal instincts whether they’re aware of it or not.

7. Send him a “sext” showcasing your hot, clothed bod.

It’s a complete fallacy that naked equals sexy, even when it comes to sexting. If you want him thirsting for you (and your beautiful body), position yourself comfortably on the bed or couch with your blouse unbuttoned and a tiny, “accidental” peak of cleavage showing. Alternatively, stand in front of the mirror in a flattering position that highlights your magnificent, clothed shape and snap a slew of selfies. Send him the absolute best of the bunch, no caption necessary.

8. Flatter him.

Compliments are powerful, especially if they’re slightly more meaningful or well thought out than the typical ones we all doll out constantly. If you notice that he’s gotten a haircut recently, tell him you like the new ‘do. But find ways to flatter him more specifically, too. Think beneath the surface of appearances and tap into why you like the human he is at heart. Maybe he makes super insightful comments, or he’s especially respectful to strangers. Let him know that you’re paying attention—and that you like what you see a lot.

9. Scare him—seriously, it works.

There’s a reason kids love to hide and jump out from nowhere to scare a sibling or parent, and why grownups love horror movies so much. Being scared is fun! So invite him over to watch a creepy movie, or tap into his childish side and find a way to scare the crap out of him by lurking around the corner and surprising him at the exact right moment. He might think you’re weird, but weird is awesomely memorable. What better way to launch a long-term romance than with a silly treasured memory?

10. Show that you’ve been thinking about him.

We all want to be liked, and loved—to know that someone out there has our needs in mind at all times. By showing some forethought, you can prove that you’re a solid potential partner, the stuff grade-A girlfriends are made of. If he’s the type who forgets to bring a pen to class, for example, carry an extra one in your bag and whip it out the second he starts searching for one. If he routinely forgets when exams are scheduled, send him a reminder a couples days beforehand. Through such small but telling gestures, you’ll eventually establish yourself as indispensable.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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