49 Brutally Honest Warning Labels Every Relationship Should Come With

Twenty20, xtramoney
Twenty20, xtramoney

1. You will question your togetherness—sometimes as a result of questioning yourself, sometimes because you’ve been bickering, sometimes for no reason at all, really.

2. You will just want to be alone sometimes, and you will struggle to convey this without insulting your partner.

3. You will think about an ex now and again, wondering what life with them would have been like, constructing alternate, hypothetical realities simply because imaginations wander.

4. You will grow suspicious, rightfully or wrongfully.

5. You will snoop, and, depending on the circumstances, you may or may not feel guilty about your sneaky behavior.

6. You will discover something you don’t quite like about your partner—something that actually makes you cringe—in the digital landscape or IRL.

7. You will treat each other unfairly.

8. You will keep a few secrets—out of fear of upsetting your partner, or for purely selfish reasons.

9. You will misinterpret your lover’s behavior without even realizing it.

10. You will be so convinced that your gut is right that you’ll ignore the truth and reason entirely.

11. You will grow enraged at your significant other without even understanding why you feel the way you do, exactly.

12. You will get caught sometimes—for fibbing or doing something foolish or unkind—and you will either admit fault, or deny the accusations.

13. You will make a few terrible mistakes.

14. You will make some very bad decisions.

15. You will fight.

16. You will sometimes struggle to find it in your heart to forgive each other.

17. You will have to find a way to move forward every single time you find yourselves in a relationship rut, or call it quits.

18. You will say things you don’t really mean.

19. You will hurt each other, intentionally and unintentionally.

20. You will work harder than you ever thought you’d have to on building a life together.

21. You will have to work even harder to maintain that life together.

22. You will struggle to love each other sometimes—because you are not always going to be in a loving mood, or because you’ve pissed each other off royally.

23. You will not always have amazing sex.

24. You will choose to masturbate instead of being intimate with your partner sometimes.

25. You will wrestle with temptations.

26. You will fantasize about sleeping with someone else.

27. You will recognize that if you’re having such fantasies, your partner is too.

28. You will call your partner the wrong name (hopefully not during sex)—because you’re overtired and your mind is jumbled (or because you not-so-secretly want to bang someone else).

29. You will cross some boundary you never thought you would, and you may or may not feel guilty about it.

30. You will fall completely out of step sometimes.

31. You will feel betrayed.

32. You will feel deceived.

33. You will feel humiliated.

34. You will feel disappointed.

35. You will feel unloved.

36. You will get upset when your partner doesn’t laugh as hard at a joke or a funny story you find hilarious, and then wonder how your senses of humor could be so misaligned.

37. You will feel as if you’re drifting apart.

38. You will catch yourself leaning on someone else—a friend, family member, or colleague—for support and feel sad that that’s the case.

39. You will struggle to remember why you got together in the first place.

40. You will have to rebuild aspects of your relationships that once came so easily.

41. You will look back on the early days with a sense of wonder.

42. You will wonder where the hell all that passion went.

43. You will roll your eyes at each other.

44. You will have to attend each other’s annoying family gatherings.

45. You will fail each other.

46. You will be forced to start fresh.

47. You will have to accept each other’s shortcomings.

48. You will burp and fart and vomit in each other’s company.

49. You will have to try harder and harder as a couple if what you want is to stay together forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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