27 Signs You And Your BFF Are (Kind Of Deranged But Also) Friendship Goals

1. You send each other inspirational messages that speak directly to the heart (and vagina).

2. You rely on each other for that extra nudge you need to burn your ex’s house down.

3. You always have each other’s back when it comes to dealing with fuckboys.

4. Plus, she’ll tell you when you’re being totally insane.

5. You’re not afraid to admit it’s kinda nice when guys grab your ass.

6. Or that you’ve made a drunken mistake (or fifty).

7. You can brag about being a legit hoe without fear of judgment.

8. Because you both know that a successful weekend is sometimes marked by the need to ice your vag.

9. You lean on each other for BJ tips.

10. And there’s no hiding behind the truth about how to make a guy like you.

11. Like, at all.

12. You touch base mid date whenever necessary (pretty much always).

13. You can count on each other to call it like it is when he doesn’t bother screenshot’ing your nudes.

14. Or when he fails to text you back in an appropriate timeframe.

15. You also have someone to share in the joy of fucking over his ex.

16. When you like his ‘d’ more than him, you get to be honest about it.

17. You’re also straight when you just want to get laid.

18. Ditto to the spit-or-swallow debate.

19. When a dude acts lame, you reassure each other he’s not worth tolerating.

20. Especially if he’s a dumb, pussy chasing douchebag.

21. You’re truthful about everything, really, including your need for booze to actually feel anything.

22. The only person you trust more than your BFF is your drunk self.

23. You reassure each other that the only reason you’re still single is that you’re both smart AF.

24. If you’re gonna bother with guys, you know you have to have three in rotation at all times.

25. Together, you’ve figured out exactly what love is.

26. But you’re in no damn rush to get married, let alone have a baby.

27. And you don’t waste compliments on dudes because you’d rather save them for each other.

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