25 Weird But Heartwarming Ways To Explain Exactly What Love Is

Dustin Adams
Dustin Adams

1. Love is like ice cream. There are so many different varieties to choose from, but there’s nothing more satisfying than your favorite flavor.

2. Love is a hangover. The pain of it is only ever truly regrettable if you don’t have any great times to show for it.

3. Love is like dancing. Doing it right requires shelving any concern about how ridiculous you might look in the process.

4. Love is a bicycle. You might need training wheels to start, but only until you realize that if you trust yourself enough, you can fly through life on just two wheels.

5. Love is a pencil. It’s incredibly handy, but only if you make sure to sharpen it regularly.

6. Love is a computer. You rely on it constantly, knowing that a few error messages are bound to pop up and drive you crazy until you finally figure out how to make them go away.

7. Love is a hit song. You can’t help getting it stuck in your head and although you might tire of it occasionally, whenever it plays unexpectedly on the radio, you smile wide and sing along.

8. Love is a glass vase. Once broken, it’s virtually impossible to put all the pieces back together without getting a little hurt along the way.

9. Love is a blank journal waiting for you to fill its pages with meaningful thoughts, random memories, secrets, and silly doodles, but nothing untruthful.

10. Love is a dumbbell. At times, it can seem remarkably weighty, but exercising the muscles you need to lift it will make you a stronger person.

11. Love is a cult, misunderstood by everyone except those utterly devoted to it.

12. Love is like sushi. It might seem foreign at first, but once you try it you’re bound to be a fan for life.

13. Love is a fine wine. The older it gets, the better it tastes. Just don’t be surprised if you find some cork dust or bits of sediment floating around in it.

14. Love is an ipod with a single song on it so you might as well make it a good one.

15. Love is a bottomless scented candle, infusing the surrounding air with a lovely fragrance. Just be sure to monitor the wick at its core so the flame isn’t extinguished by melting wax.

16. Love is a cup of coffee—sometimes burning hot, sometimes ice cold, but rarely served lukewarm.

17. Love is like sweat. You produce it for a reason, so think twice before casually wiping it away.

18. Love is a roller coaster. For years you’re not big enough to qualify for a ride, and once you grow up and see what all the up-and-down fuss is about, you may not want another try.

19. Love is like oxygen. You need it to live but when asked to define it, you inevitably struggle.

20. Love is a library. Row upon row of books will beg you to check them out, but you’ll suffer unless you can accept that there aren’t enough hours in the day to read so much.

21. Love is an onion. It has the power to make you weep, but you peel its layers back anyway because it’s just that delicious.

22. Love is an impressionist painting. From a distance it looks perfect, but up-close inspection proves that its beauty is rooted in a careful composition of blurry smudges.

23. Love is a high-rise building, so stately and sturdy until disaster strikes and its vulnerabilities, which were there all along, suddenly become visible.

24. Love is a lemon. A little bit sour, but mostly pleasurable.

25. Love is the never-ending riddle you keep trying to solve even though you know on some level that there’s actually no answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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