21 Signs You’ve Finally Found That One Great Love

Twenty20, tenchiphotos
Twenty20, tenchiphotos

1. You think of your significant other constantly because everything you do is, in some way, about them too.

2. You sincerely miss each other whenever you’re apart—and not just when one person’s away for the week. You ache for each other when one person pops out to the grocery store, too.

3. You never shop just for yourself anymore because your partner’s wants and needs are always on your brain, sometimes even supplanting your own.

4. You buy little things for them all the time, spending money you wouldn’t ordinarily spend because it’s worth it just to bring them a little joy.

5. You send them photos of anything that makes you laugh (weird signs, odd window displays, a doll face down in a puddle) because everything’s so much funnier if they’re laughing too.

6. There’s literally nothing more irresistible to you than your partner’s smile, and nothing more satisfying than being responsible for triggering it.

7. Yes, the sex is amazing, but the pleasure you’ve come to know as a couple definitely transcends the physical.

8. You don’t need special occasions to look forward to because every day you spend together really does feel special. Even the most mundane events have the potential to be extraordinary—as long as you’re together.

9. The word “right” means something more to you than it once did because you experience it firsthand every day you wake up next to your significant other, or sit across from them at dinner.

10. You now fully understand why people make statements you once considered corny and overly dramatic, like ‘I would do ANYTHING—even die—for them,” because you’ve finally found someone you honestly feel that strongly about.

11. You feel cosmically connected to your partner, so aware of their energy and presence every second—even when you’re not in touch—that you wonder if you’re kind of psychic.

12. Sometimes, when you call to check in because you’ve picked up on some vibe about how your partner’s doing, you’re sixth sense is exactly correct. Because you really are experiencing the world through them, not just yourself.

13. Life’s small mishaps—like stepping in poop, or accidentally standing in an elevator for five straight minutes before realizing you haven’t even pressed a button—aren’t nearly as irksome as they once seemed.

14. It’s a whole lot easier to laugh at yourself (and life’s little annoyances) when you know there’s someone out there who loves you no matter what. Your relationship somehow makes everything easier—kind of like magic, you sometimes think.

15. Not even a major catastrophe or failure can throw you off like it once would have because there’s so much strength in knowing that you have someone on your side, always.

16. Sometimes, the very thought of that someone leads you to burst at your metaphorical seams with gratitude because you’re just not sure how you’d do things without them.

17. You’re consistently shocked by how cheesy some of the things that come out of your mouth probably sound—and yet, they’re honest. Just like the sentiment behind those pet names you once swore you’d never reduce yourself to.

18. You’re not living a first-person narrative anymore. Yours is an epic love story centered on the type of fairytale relationship you could only once dream of.

19. You know there will be ups and downs along the way because no couple is immune to difficulties, but you also know that your love is strong enough to withstand absolutely anything.

20. Because you’re both committed to the same non-ending: Doing whatever it takes to stay together. Forever. And ever.

21. And every single moment is enriched by the knowledge that you’re no longer alone, and you’ll never have to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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