15 Men On That One Little Thing Their Girlfriend Does That Drives Them Crazy (In A Good Way)

www.flickr.com/photos/xsossa/"> Joel Sossa
www.flickr.com/photos/xsossa/”> Joel Sossa

1. “I’ve been with my girl for five years now and she is incapable of telling the smallest white lie without smirking, ever so subtlety. It’s adorable, the way the corners of her mouth give her away whenever she’s determined to fib.”

— JJ, 25

2. “I fell in love with my girlfriend of three years when she poked her head in the bathroom one day while I was on the toilet for a considerable amount of time. All she said was, ‘Poopin’?’ and it cracked me up. She does it once in a while to this day and it never gets old.”

— Victor, 30

3. “My girlfriend unconsciously sticks her tongue out when she’s studying. I love watching her sit there, buried in a book or staring off to the right of her computer screen, eyes squinted, plus a hint of tongue. In those moments, I ache to know what’s going through her mind, but I never dare disturb her.”

— Max, 23

4. “I always know when my girlfriend wants to have morning sex because I wake up to the sensation of her nails on my back, scratching a little harder than she would if I were awake. I call that move ‘the horny claw,’ and it’s easily the best way to reenter the world after a night’s sleep.”

— Derick, 31

5. “Every time I catch my girlfriend as she’s coming out of the bathroom post shower, she starts doing this weird dance. It’s about a five-second performance, but it’s hot as hell. She bounces around with her hair wrapped up in a towel, boobs shaking as she twitches, looking absolutely perfect.”

— Pierre, 23

6. “My girlfriend has this look—this slightly devilish, eager face she makes—right when she’s decided that she’s going to give me head. Obviously I love that expression for what it signals. But I also just love that she has this tell that she’s totally unaware of.”

— Nelson, 27

7. “Somehow, whenever we go out to eat, my girlfriend manages to spill something on herself. Sometimes it’s just a drop of white wine on her top, or a splash of sauce on her sleeve, but without fail, she spills. It’s hilarious.”

— Chester , 24

8. “When my girlfriend’s in the mood to have some fun and I’m reading or studying or watching sports, she sits down right next to me, as close as she can possibly get, and stares right at me. As soon as I turn my head to acknowledge her, I know exactly what I’m going to see: her beautiful smile, begging for my attention, and I feel so lucky.”

— Tyler, 28

9. “I’m in a serious relationship with the most polite woman. It’s ingrained in her to be kind, and every time she says ‘thank you’ to a stranger in an overly heartfelt way, I feel so proud to be with her.”

— Dirk, 30

10. The girl I’m dating is really smart—sharpest person I’ve ever met, maybe—but she’s also pretty private and not at all boastful. Whenever someone compliments her about anything, she automatically blushes. I’ve never met someone who literally cannot take a compliment. It’s the sweetest thing.”

— Paul, 29

11. “My girlfriend gives me this look when we’re at a party and she’s ready to bounce. Her entire face screams, ‘Get me out of here!’ but I’m the only one who could ever pick up on it. It’s nice being able to communicate without actually saying anything out loud. Makes me feel like we’ve got something special, you know?”

— Reuben, 25

12. “I’ve been dating someone for six months who can only tap her hands and feet in multiples of three. OCD thing. She confessed the 3’s thing one night like it would be some kind of deal breaker, but knowing that about her only made me fall harder.”

— Serge, 22

13. “We just moved in together a few months ago, and we live in a small one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. A week in, my girlfriend had to pee really badly when I was already on the can. The door was open, so I saw her march right over to our kitchen nook, prop herself up on counter, and pee right into the sink like it was nothing. I was shocked, but in a good way. It’s happened a few times since, and I know I’m never going to get tired of it.”

— Gregory, 27

14. “I love it when we’re arguing about something she feels strongly about, and she doesn’t even realize it, but she starts talking a million miles an hour in this higher pitched voice than usual. She’s passionate about certain things, and I respect that a lot.”

— Neel, 22

15. “Every once in a while my girlfriend impersonates me. She’s horrible at it, in my opinion at least, but it’s endearing to watch her try to walk, talk, and act like me.”

— Alonso, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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