You’re Not Really A Couple Until You Experience These 17 Surprisingly Endearing Moments, Anna Baek, Anna Baek

1. When you realize that doing nothing together at home is your normal and that anything else feels like a major to-do requiring way too much energy.

2. When reflecting on your relationship forces you to confront the cold hard truth that your significant other has turned you into a romantic, at least a little.

3. When one person does something totally out of character because the other is driving them absolutely crazy and both parties suddenly understand exactly what it means to be “madly in love.”

4. When the idea of sex with other people starts to sound way too intimidating because you’re used to each other’s bodies and the task of figuring out another person’s pleasure triggers seems really unappealing.

5. When you realize that monogamy might just be easier than you thought after all.

6. When one person gets caught saying something incredibly romantical or using a ridiculous pet name out loud and it’s embarrassing for a second, but not really ’cause who cares?

7. When your partner explains that they’re upset at someone—a friend, acquaintance, colleague, or family member—and before they can explain why, exactly, you’ve already taken their side because your sense of allegiance knows no bounds.

8. When you hurt vicariously because your significant other’s having a tough time and you recognize that the stinging pain you feel on their behalf is a sign of just how connected you are.

9. When one person produces some kind of flem or gross bodily fluid and feels comfortable sharing the visual without fear of turning the other off for good.

10. When you just can’t help making a supremely cheesy comment on your significant other’s social media post and you have to choose not to care if people judge you for being lame.

11. When someone gets sick or is injured and the other’s overwhelmed by fear and forced to acknowledge that they just don’t want to live without the other one at all.

12. When you pass a silly trinket in a store window that reminds you of your significant other and you can’t help purchasing the item, even if it’s a total waste of money, because it’s worth every cent just to make them smile.

13. When one person’s feeling depleted or down and the other intuits that the best medicine is reassurance of the undying affection their partner can count on.

14. When you catch each other telling white lies but it’s funny rather than offensive because your hearts are clearly so well intentioned.

15. When one person just can’t fall asleep so they roll around and make weird noises designed to wake the other up “accidentally” because they’re desperate for a little sleepless company.

16. When you pick up your partner’s phone and almost give into the itch to snoop but decide against combing through their emails or texts because you actually do trust them.

17. When you realize that being in love isn’t always going to be easy, but that the person you’re with makes every ounce of effort totally worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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