50 Bleak But Truthful Questions Everyone In A Relationship Asks Themselves At Some Point

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1. Can you ever really trust another person?

2. Is it possible for two people to understand each other completely?

3. Do I have the strength to resist temptation for the rest of my life?

4. Does my boyfriend or girlfriend have what it takes to stay faithful for a lifetime?

5. If I’m dating “the one,” why do I have any doubts at all?

6. Why do we crave security and excitement simultaneously?

7. Why does my stable, loving relationship sometimes feel like a prison?

8. If someone cheats, is it necessary or selfish for them to confess?

9. Will this ever be easy?

10. Why can’t we all just admit that staying together requires serious dedication, a hint of blind faith and a lot of hard work?

11. Are there any couples out there who don’t hate each other’s guts sometimes?

12. Why do we romanticize love as if it’s the only possible path to happiness for everyone?

13. Why do we all assume that love is this magical force that can fix everything else in someone’s life?

14. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all agree that love isn’t always enough?

15. Why do I keep posting cheesy relationship photos when shit hits the fan and we’re actually miserable (not hashtag blessed)?

16. Am I trying to prove to myself or everyone else that we’re so damn happy together?

17. What is true love, anyway? Why is something universally sought after so impossible to explain?

18. How are things between us alternately so awesome and so fucking hard?

19. Have we really reached the point of scheduling weekly “date nights”?

20. Should I be worried that we’re already having the “how to spice things up” talk?

21. Is there any way back to that early, lustful phase of constant sex and mutual adoration?

22. How much do you have to flirt with someone before the back-and-forth  qualifies as an “emotional affair”?

23. Isn’t it harmless—maybe even healthy—to stay in touch with an ex or two as long as you have boundaries?

24. Should I feel bad about deleting incriminating text threads?

25. The only people who cybersnoop are the ones who have something to hide, right?

26. Is it possible to fall in love with someone all over again? If so, when can I count on that happening?

27. Why do we value fidelity so much?

28. Is it weird that I entertain some pretty savage thoughts when my significant other is annoying the fuck out of me?

29. Is it horrible that I apologize sometimes when I definitely don’t mean it just to stop the bickering so I can finally go to bed?

30. Doesn’t there have to be at least a grain of truth to all the nasty things my significant other says when we’re arguing?

31. If you love someone passionately, are you destined to loathe them with equal passion sometimes?

32. Is it possible to fight without showcasing your darkest self?

33. Is it a bad sign that I lie to my significant other just for fun once in awhile?

34. Should I ever tell them what I really think about their dancing/cooking/singing/painting/drawing/karate/kick boxing skills?

35. If I got really sick or ended up paralyzed from a terrible accident, would my partner actually stay with me? Would I want them to?

36. How much would it suck if my significant other got really sick or was seriously injured and I felt obligated to play nurse for the rest of my life?

37. What would my teenage self think about this relationship I’m in for the long haul?

38. What would my life look like without my current partner?

39. Have I let too many of my “good” years pass to change my mind?

38. If we broke up, which of our friends would take my side?

39. Is it weird that I sometimes bite my significant other and/or claw them a little too hard?

40. Is it awful that I haven’t quite forgiven them for [insert last mistake] and I’m not really sure that I can?

41. Does my partner ever fuck me purely out of pity?

42. Will my significant other still look at me like the same way when we’re old and wrinkly?

43. Does he or she actually worship all my flaws?

44. What does my significant other’s family really think about me?

45. Will a joint vacation put a Band-aid on the issues we’re struggling with? If so, how long before the bandage rips?

46. Will having kids make things better or worse? Will it change anything at all necessarily?

47. How the hell have we made it this far?

48. Will I ever feel drunk with infatuation for my partner again?

49. Are we madly in love, or just insanely comfortable with the status quo?

50. Is there even a difference? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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