15 Signs Your Significant Other Would Make An Excellent Partner In Crime

The thrill of scheming by yourself pales in comparison to the sinful delight of plotting with the person you love. Couples that share an appreciation for the taste of danger definitely have more fun. But how do you know if you’re dating someone who can handle a sordid rendezvous? Someone worthy of being your partner in crime? In conjunction with the premiere of ABC’s Wicked City, a new TV crime drama set in the early 1980s about a twisted killer couple who are drawn to the Sunset Strip, we’ve listed 15 telltale signs that your significant other is co-conspirator material. Catch the Wicked City premiere, Tuesday, OCT 27 10|9c and be transported to a time and place where you could get away with just about anything…

ABC 'Wicked City'
ABC ‘Wicked City’

1. You relish the thrill of scoping out new locations together. The second you enter a hot spot like Chateau Marmont, the place to see and be seen on the Sunset Strip, where literally anything can happen, you explore every nook and cranny of the hotel together—from the chic lobby to the celebrity dotted lounge and the restaurant that once swarmed with metalheads wearing spandex and black leather studded belts.

2. You always have a getaway plan. By the time you’re seated for an intimate dinner on the garden terrace, you both know exactly where every stairwell, exit, and suspicious looking customer is. If need be, you can escape the castle-like structure within minutes.

3. You’re risk takers and rule breakers at heart. There’s nothing like conspiring as a couple and feeding off the adrenaline rush that accompanies an impromptu adventure like crashing a party in a penthouse hotel suite. As you drink and dance among strangers, you envision the rail thin models of the 80s that once occupied the same territory with their hair sprayed bangs and off-the-shoulder neon tops.

4. You’re spontaneous, too. You inspire each other to lead more titillating lives. You’re the couple speeding down the freeway blasting Motley Crue before pulling over abruptly to shack up in a poolside bungalow and toast your most recent victory.

5. But you’re also safety conscious. You’re keenly aware of your surroundings at all times, and you’re both the type to remain in control. You’ll refuse a Marmont Margarita from the bartender if the circumstances seem at all odd.

6. Neither of you is afraid to cheat, mislead, or deceive. You’ll do what it takes to protect your best interests as a couple. Maybe you need to scramble out of an underground gambling joint on the Sunset Strip when the cops show up, and it takes a little creative exaggeration or a bribe to get yourselves out of trouble. You’ll do whatever you have to.

7. You’re both always prepared. Neither of you loses their keys or their wallet, or has to lean on a hotel concierge for hot tips or directions anywhere. You’re not the couple that forgets the secret location of a private rock concert teeming with illicit activities like the kind that used to go down in the 80s, or the swanky after-party that follows it.

8. When you’re together, you think outside the box. You’re both natural problem solvers. If there isn’t an indoor table on a rainy night at Chateau Marmont, one of you might drop a line about knowing André Balazs, the hotel’s owner, to weasel your way inside.

9. You both go with the flow without raising suspicion. You both act smart on the spot. When one of you adopts a different persona to finagle a free drink or a better table, the other follows suit without thinking twice. And neither of you ever breaks character.

10. You read each like a couple of poker players scrutinizing the competition. Your partner knows your every facial tic and tell. If you’re feeling threatened or annoyed by an overly inquisitive stranger, they sense it immediately, and they’re armed with a go-to excuse to rescue you from any potential hazard.

11. You don’t even need words to communicate. Your significant other can warn you about any looming danger with a wide spectrum of simple, subtle gestures. They know you well enough to signal you effectively without opening their mouth.

12. You can say everything you need to with one glare. When you lock eyes, it’s as if you’re speaking your very own silent, coded language. You can say exactly what you need to in an instant with one serious look.

13. You have each other’s backs at all times. You’re always on the lookout for each other. When a bizarre character approaches your table at Bar Marmont and your significant other spots them first from where they’re seated in the red velvet booth, they’ll warn you about the random encounter about to go down with a subtle nod or a whisper.

14. You trust each other entirely, and without judgment. You never hesitate to reveal anything to your partner, knowing that your deepest, darkest secrets are safe inside the relationship vault. No matter how sordid your truth is, your partner can handle it—and they definitely won’t judge you for it.

15. You would honestly do anything for your significant other, and you know they’d do anything for you. You would happily take a punch for your partner if it came to that, or break any rule or regulation that gets in the way of your objectives as a couple. Love conquers all, even the law, in your view. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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