12 People Detail Their Shockingly Vivid Encounters With The Ghosts Of Dead Loved Ones

Twenty20, Gouldjosh
Twenty20, Gouldjosh

1. The premature but prescient good-bye

One night when I was 8 years old I went to sleep and had a dream that my grandmother, who was still alive at the time but really sick, came into my room. As she walked away, she kept looking back to see if I was following her. So I did. I followed her all the way out of the apartment, down the stairs to the lobby, and out to the garage. Then I saw her join my grandfather with a group of people I didn’t recognize off in the distance, and she waved goodbye.

When I woke up I went to summer camp as usual. That afternoon, my dad picked me up early and told me that my grandmother had just passed away. I did some research years later and found out that your soul knows you’re going to die before you do and there’ve been many cases of dreams or phone calls of people saying goodbye before they actually died. This always stuck with me.

2. The sibling ghost with a truly Unique proposal

My older sister Céline died at age 30 about five years ago. Last night I was rolling around in a fit of insomnia when I fell into a sort wakeful coma type of state. I saw my sister at the edge of my bed, wearing a heather green wool sweater, her deep chestnut eyes and hair as piercingly beautiful as they were when she was alive. We made eye contact and I reached out to her, imploring her to stay. Then I asked if she was doing okay, and I was surprised to see her frown because I’d always assumed that my sister would be happier on the other side than she’d ever been here on Earth.

Then it hit me: I knew exactly why she was so sad. She didn’t want to miss my little brother’s wedding, which is taking place this coming weekend. I tried to hug her, to hold her tight and explain just how much we’d miss her during the ceremony and every other day, but she couldn’t, or wouldn’t stay much longer. But right before evaporating, she said, “Will you marry me one day?” I laughed and replied, “Yes, of course! You can do that over there?!”

I love the idea of marrying my sister. For whatever reason, a wedding between sibling ghosts doesn’t seem at all incestuous.

3. The weird walk-by in a home’s not-so-living room

My grandfather died when I was nine. He was my best friend growing up and we hung out all the time since both of my parents worked and he babysat me during the day. After his funeral, my grandma had a bunch of family over to the house. Everyone was hanging out in the kitchen and I was walking through the living room. I passed by my grandpa’s favorite chair and I swear that when I glanced at it, he was sitting there reading the newspaper as he always did. I just said, “Hey grandpa,” and continued making my way to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, it suddenly hit me that he’d died. I ran back into the living room and of course he was gone. The thing that gave me the craziest chills though was that there was a newspaper sitting on the arm of the chair.

4. The bro ghost who messed with his sis on demand

My brother passed away four years ago and we were really close so it hit me pretty hard. I’ve always believed in spirits and have had a couple experiences but after he passed it was very active around here for a while. First, my mom said she was in the garage talking to some friends about him and one of the power tools turned on for a second and then my cousin said he was in the backyard when he saw one of the kids tricycles roll backwards and then towards him. At this point I was pissed he hadn’t interacted with me. So I’m lying in bed complaining that he isn’t fucking with me when out of nowhere I hear someone say my name extremely loud right next to my face. In retrospect most people would’ve been scared shitless and not been able to sleep. But knowing it was him, I actually got really good rest that night.

5. The undead grandma who wanted the anniversary of her death noted

When I was 5 my grandmother passed from breast cancer. Fast forward to ten years later. 2005. I had a dream one night that my dad decided to buy the house he grew up in, the same one we’d lived in for a while when I was a kid. In the dream I was the first person to walk into the house. So I walk into the family room and see my grandmother sitting in her chair, knitting. I say, “Mom-mom, what are you doing here?” She responds, “I wanted to come down from heaven and let you know I am always watching over you, and I love you very much.” I woke up in a cold sweat wondering what the hell just happened. Then I go downstairs and tell my mom about my dream. She says, “Oh, wow, that’s freaky,” and I inquire why. Then she says, “Today is the tenth anniversary of when mom-mom died.

6. The man whose deceased fiancée still comforts him

My girlfriend and I would often take walks in college at night. We would usually take the same route, and every time we passed this one street light, it would go out. We always looked for it when we walked, and usually commented on it when it went out (at least 80% of the time, no exaggerating). Eight months after we got engaged, my fiancée died. It’s been nine years. I still enjoy going for walks at night. Sometimes just because, sometimes I’ve had a bad day. Whenever it’s because I’ve had a bad day…there is this street light that goes out as I walk by. If I happen to drive by later…it’ll be back on. If I’m in a good mood, it doesn’t go out. I can’t explain.

7. The phantom matriarch getting to know her great granddaughter

I visit with my great grandmother and my grandma’s roommate frequently in my sleep. My mom said my great grandmother was really sick before I was born and tried to hang on so she could meet me, but died two months before. My grandma also says I’m a lot like her, so we all kind of figure that’s why I get to see her in my sleep. My grandma’s roommate was a very important person in my life, and when she died I was a mess. She has visited me in dreams plenty of times and has actually saved me from what I believe was a dangerous situation that could have ended in my death.

8. The actual spirit of higher education

The only experience I had was with my dead grandmother about 6 months after she died. She was very smart, and loved education and cared so much about my progress and my sister’s in school. So shortly before I started college, I had this very vivid dream. I was sitting in my back yard with my grandmother and she was asking me all these questions, basically congratulating me on getting into college. It was definitely one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

9. The grandpa who checks in through a medium

When my brother started 1st grade my mom became friends with a lady who supposedly could “see spirits”…Our family was going through a hard time due to some problems about a couple of years ago, and my mom’s friend assured us that everything would be okay because my grandfather was taking care of us. My mom was a little surprised by this statement. She did not recall telling her about my grandpa’s death, and she almost cried when her friend told her he was sitting right next to her and that his hand was resting on my mom’s shoulder. My mom asked if it was a joke, but her friend denied it and what she said next shocked us. She described my grandfather’s looks, nothing to do with my mom’s because he was a Latin-looking man, kind of short, and my mom is white and tall. Then she said that sometimes, when she visited our house, she saw my grandpa sitting on a green couch on the corner of the living room. And yes, that was his favorite couch and that was the spot he always used to sit on.

10. The actual best friend forever

My best friend killed himself a year ago. He visits me in my dreams to help console me. He tells me that he’s just a figment of my imagination to help me cope. He tells me that he’s gone. He tells me that he’s not real anymore but that he’s sorry none the less. He tells me that he doesn’t remember what he has done

11. The piano teacher’s pet

I had an encounter with a loved one, not a family member and I didn’t realize it until a few months afterwards. I’ve played piano my whole life and I had this piano teacher who really showed me the beauty and potential of music, rehearsed and created. My family moved a few states away when I was 17, but she had been my teacher since I was 7…When we moved I did not stay in touch with her but my passion for music grew. I’m in my mid 20’s now and feel music is a huge part of my life because of her. About 2 years ago, I had this dream that I walked up to her house (I always walked about 2 miles to lessons) and she opened the door like normal—but her head was a glowing box. After opening the door she greeted me and her box head brightened then detached from her body and I woke up. A few months later I was speaking with a Suzuki piano teacher from that same area. Apparently, [my former piano teacher] Mrs. Betson died around the same time this dream took place. Strange.

12. The brotherly ghost with an ironic sense of humor

When I was 12 my older brother died. A few months later I was lying bed, trying to sleep, not tired, thinking about whatever. As clear as day I heard someone just say “boo” right next to my ear. I sat up, not even freaking out or scared, I just had kind of a what-the-hell moment. That’s totally something he would have done.

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