15 Ways To Get A Relationship Thrill Without Blowing Anything Up

Once the early stage of lust fades, every couple falls into a routine of some kind. As awesome as it is to be comfortably in love, the itch to spice things up eventually sets in. Luckily, with the right tools and mindset, rekindling a romance is always possible. To mark the August 21st release of AMERICAN ULTRA, a romantic new action-comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as a couple unwittingly caught up in a secret CIA program, we’ve listed the various ways you can get a relationship thrill without blowing anything up. As it happens, you don’t have to be a secret agent leading a double life to keep things interesting (though it helps if you are).


1. Crash a fancy event.

Don’t underestimate the rush you can get from attending an event you definitely weren’t invited to. All you have to do is locate a venue that’s usually booked for big fancy gatherings, hold hands, and hope for the best while you and your partner mingle with total strangers. In addition to eating and drinking for free (until someone kindly asks you to leave, or escorts you off the premises), it’s exciting to plot your entry and the great escape that may or may not materialize.

2. Ditch the smartphones and disconnect.

Leave your cell phones behind and dare to rely only on your joint existing knowledge in navigating the world for an entire day. The thrill will come in realizing just how different life is when neither of you is a walking GPS slash car service slash dictionary slash restaurant guide. As an added bonus, you’ll make eye contact instead of scanning for new emails and texts all the time. Connecting as actual humans is surprisingly electrifying.

3. Cook something ridiculously complicated together.

Spice things up literally by tackling an intricate recipe requiring kitchen skills you don’t have and/or rare ingredients you’ve never tasted. Simply commit to a specific cuisine and Google the toughest option in that category instead of settling for one of the five to ten meals in your current takeout rotation. Culinary achievements (and blunders) are incredibly satisfying. So roll your own sushi, or make some boeuf bourguignon already.

4. Play the adult version of your favorite childhood game.

Games are a great way to tap into your inner child and get nostalgic while you’re at it. So resurrect your favorite game—be it Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, or charades—and put a grown-up spin on it. If you were more of the board game type, note that you can add a stripping component to just about any rulebook.

5. Turn everyday activities into mini competitions.

Household chores like folding laundry and doing the dishes are exceptionally boring—until you make them competitive, that is. A healthy dose of rivalry between lovers will keep you both on point. As soon as you transform a mundane activity like walking from the store to the car into a race with the chance to win something (even if the prize is a hefty helping of respect), life suddenly seems brighter.

6. Host a weird theme party.

Forget every theme party you’ve ever been to and start from scratch when brainstorming ideas this time around. Togas, pajamas, and the 80s are all out of the question. Quentin Tarantino, however, might be an appropriate theme for the memorable soirée you throw with your significant other. The anticipation you experience as the date of the party approaches will rival the pleasure you feel once you’re actually hosting your well thought out rager.

7. Throw a two-person party.

If pleasure delay isn’t your thing, there’s no reason to plan a shindig well in advance when you can get weird on a whim on any random occasion. All it takes to throw a two-person party is a bottle of tequila and a strong playlist. And don’t let the sun fool you, a good day party can be the foundation of many lasting inside jokes and enduring memories.

8. Assume new identities.

Ever dream of being someone other than who you are? The next time you go to a bar or restaurant with your boyfriend or girlfriend, choose alternate names, occupations, and identities, and agree to stay in character as long as possible. Your fake accent might sound terrible, but you’ll make each other laugh and the pressure to not break will turn the whole experience into an intriguing challenge.

9. Get dressed up for no reason.

Instead of letting your plans dictate what you wear, let your clothing dictate how you act and what you end up doing. Dressed in a dapper three-piece suit and a dazzling, floor-length red dress with a plunging neckline, you’ll feel like a power couple sauntering about town, even if you just end up strutting around the block with the air of a duo returning from opening night at the opera.

10. Find a way to get backstage.

Make it your mission to get backstage after the next comedy show or concert you attend, because conspiring is devilishly fun. As soon as the performance is over, switch gears from unsuspecting audience members to celebrity obsessed stalkers. Even if you fail, the excitement of trying will prove worthwhile.

11. Plan a staycation.

When you’re dying to get away but your schedules and/or budget won’t allow you to skip town for an impromptu trip to the Caribbean, there’s always a seedy motel around the corner begging you to book a cheap staycation. Any change in environment can be stimulating as long as you’re committed to making an adventure out of your time spent away.

12. Exploit a birthday special.

Your birthday comes but once a year, but birthday specials are offered all year round. Rather than wait, hit up an ice cream parlor or a diner that offers free food to birthday girls and boys, and decide who gets to play the person officially getting older. A nosy manager might ask you to produce identification, but the only possible downside to defeat is paying the regular bill.

13. Get your nails done together.

The nail salon isn’t a destination associated with couples, probably because we’re not in the habit of revealing our grooming secrets to the people we aim to attract. But that’s exactly why a couple’s manicure / pedicure can be a fascinating expedition. The other customers might stare as you request your treatments, but it’s fun to be the center of attention on occasion. As you get a sense of what it takes to look your best for each other from fingertips to toenails, you’ll chuckle, feeling more intimate than ever.

14. Rescue an animal.

Nothing tugs at the heartstrings like a kitten or a puppy in need of care. Instead of feeling sorry momentarily for the homeless dog or cat living in your neighborhood, scoop it into your arms, bring it to the vet, and adopt the little creature once and for all. Alternatively, head to the local animal shelter and choose a new fuzzy friend. However you find your pet, investing in an animal as a couple is an exciting life event.

15. Watch other people blow things up.

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like the vicarious excitement that comes from watching a series of action packed thrillers starring high speed car chases, elaborate heists, and spectacular explosions. So snuggle up in bed with a line-up of adrenaline inducing movies at your disposal, and channel those goose bumps through binge watching from the cozy comfort of your couch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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