21 Reasons Your Crush On Cara Delevingne Totally Makes Sense

Paper Towns
Paper Towns

1. Because she has sex with her dinner.

2. And she’s definitely not vegan.

3. Because she fully appreciates the cultural significance of Magic Mike.

4. Plus, she crushes on celebrities—just like us!

5. When she says she’s in love, you don’t really know if it’s with a man or a woman.

6. But she has a super profound way of expressing that love.

7. Because she’s outspoken about equality for everyone.

8. Including Caitlyn Jenner.

9. Because she’s got a “dirty” mouth.

10. And she willingly makes herself the butt of bad jokes.

11. When she’s not posing an awesomely ridiculous question, that is.

12. Or executing a masterful photobomb.

13. Because she can quote Shakespeare without seeming at all obnoxious.

14. And when she’s gotta go, she goes.

15. Because she admits when she’s homesick.

16. And she knows how much a good-bye can suck.

17. Because she’s not afraid to self-promote.

18. Or to say thank you to her famous friends.

19. Overall, she recognizes that her life rocks.

20. As it should when you’re a certified member of Taylor Swift’s squad.

21. Last but not least, those eyebrows are seriously on fleek.

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