20 Signs He Really Is Just That Into You


1. You don’t worry when he doesn’t text you back immediately because he makes you feel confident enough not to. So he’s busy. Who gives?

2. You never have to wonder whether it’s “too soon” to text him back, knowing in your heart that no one’s keeping track.

3. He genuinely wants to hear from you, and he lets you know it. Your togetherness is so effortless, you can’t believe you ever bothered with the typical am-I-being-too-available dating nonsense.

4. You haven’t bothered with the is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-player back and forth, either. Even if he was one at some point—according to the oh-so-reliable grapevine, of course—it doesn’t really matter. You don’t feel threatened by his dating history, or any rumors. Whatever’s blossoming between you makes that stuff moot.

5. Dating “games” suddenly seem like a thing of the past. Looking back, you can’t believe what you once put up with.

6. You’ve caught him staring at you in a creepy-sweet-adorable way, a satisfied smile across his face, perhaps undressing you.

7. Your sexual pleasure is important to him. Sometimes, you actually wonder if he’s in a competition with himself to give you the best orgasm possible.

8. He touches you tenderly in non-sexual ways, guiding you by the small of your back, or hugging you super tightly midday.

9. As much as he loves getting laid, he never pressures you into sex, or gives you a hard time about doing it because he happens to feel horny.

10. He shares things with you—not just the details that will impress you, but also the deeper, darker, sadder, maybe even socially unacceptable things running through his mind. Because he wants you to know the real him, good and bad.

11. You trust him. You don’t know why, necessarily, but you do.

12. You can sense in your gut that life will be easier together than it ever was solo.

13. When he tells you he likes the way your breath smells first thing in the morning, he’s not just being nice. He actually enjoys you at your absolute smelliest.

14. He doesn’t have to say anything to express how he feels about you. All he has to do is stare into your eyes.

15. He doesn’t care what you do together. The type of cuisine you eat, the movie you see, and where you spend the night are all secondary to being in each other’s company.

16. He doesn’t really care who you hang out with, either. Other couples are fun, but in a peripheral kind of way. The truly great moments happen when you two are alone.

17. Your mood changes for the better, if only slightly, every time you see him.

18. His friends and family respect you for the positive impact you clearly have on him.

19. With you, he isn’t afraid of being too schmoopy or romantic. In fact, loving you makes him feel manly, even when it means snuggling.

20. No matter what your inner feminist says about not needing a man, you really do feel safer wrapped in his arms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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