20 Hilarious “We Fought About” Tweets Everyone In A Relationship Will Relate To

Below I’ve compiled the best of We Fought About, an awesomely honest Twitter feed chronicling all the stuff one happy couple fights about. Alan and Claire have a great relationship, but they fight sometimes, and the root causes of their arguments are as hilarious as they are totally relatable.
We Fought About
We Fought About

1. When “sorry” comes out wrong and makes things even worse.

2. When either party tries to speak for the other.

3. When one person doesn’t respect the other’s plush friends.

4. When only one of you is in a funny mood.

5. When one person can’t seem to stfu while the other’s trying to sleep.

6. When two people are hungry but their stomachs want completely different things.

7. When watching The Bachelor prompts a dangerous line of questioning.

8. When one person tunes out and it’s annoying af.

9. When technology makes someone forget their manners altogether.

10. When one person dismisses the other, whether or not they do it on purpose.

11. When someone’s ego takes a hit so they act super childish.

12. When either person resorts to a low blow.

13. When you dare to smash your partner’s pet ownership dreams.

14. When someone fails to share some juicy gossip with the team.

15. When someone cheats on the new restaurant front.

16. When either person has terrible taste in television.

17. When you just can’t play nicely with each other.

18. When someone says something remarkably idiotic.

19. When either party admits to thinking about their ex.

20. When your partner makes you feel like a worthless mutt, even if they do it by accident.

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