19 Signs You’re One Of Those Couples That Just Can’t Be Apart


1. You feel a little guilty having any fun whatsoever if your significant other—your other half, actually—isn’t around to share the laughs.

2. You’re also keenly aware that any memorable experience would be enhanced times ten if they’d been present.

3. You send each other adorably cheesy, emoji laced texts almost hourly when not in each other’s company.

4. You freak out a little if you can’t reply to each other’s adorably cheesy, emoji laced texts in a timely fashion due to lack of service or other unexpected barriers to touching base constantly, like the meeting or lunch date that runs unbearably late.

5. Every day spent apart is a heartbreaking reminder that you’d so much rather do life together.

6. The most mundane activities—watching the news, making eggs for breakfast, or going for a run—become frustrating chores without your partner.

7. There are certain things you refuse to do, like watch the season premier of any interesting television program, until you’re back together again. The world just doesn’t feel right otherwise.

8. Because you know too well that at least half the fun of watching a compelling movie or TV show is seeing it through their eyes as well.

9. Whoever stays home while the other’s away takes a tiny bit of comfort in sleeping on the absentee’s side of the bed just to feel closer to them.

10. They also wear (or sniff) the absentee’s clothes just to get a whiff of his or her divine scent.

11. Whenever forced to spend time apart, you realize all over again just how positive an impact your boyfriend or girlfriend has on your quality of life. You wouldn’t have eaten that pint of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream in one sitting if they were there to remind you, oh so gently, that it would make you feel sick and/or bad about yourself.

12. You miss them to an especially aching extent when tackling tasks that fall on their side of the unwritten division of duties. For instance, you feel totally helpless and upset when you drop your phone and crack the screen because technology’s their department.

13. When separated, every single thing manages to remind you of them because you have so many fond memories to draw from, making it easy to draw totally convoluted connections. For example, it’s surprisingly easy to associate something like a wood burning pizza oven with your lover, even if they’ve never operated one. Because you did make urban s’mores that one time on your gas stove last winter, which is sort of the same thing if you think about it long enough through the blurry lens of loneliness.

14. You both take a ridiculous number of photos (some sexy, some not) whenever apart so you can relive each documented experience as a couple later on, when you’re finally free to bathe in the awesomeness of each other’s company once again.

15. The moment you reunite always involves a prolonged hug and one giant, shared sigh of relief.

16. You gaze at each other like you just fell in love all over again and in that moment, your partner is the hottest, awesomest, most essential human being on the planet. Obviously.

17. You won’t separate again unless you absolutely have to, you agree.

18. Does that make you totally co-dependent, you both wonder. Probably. But what’s wrong with needing someone you love so damn much? Absolutely nothing, you figure.

19. After embracing, you make love as soon as possible. And the sex is especially satisfying. Maybe even better than makeup nookie. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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