10 Awesomely Sappy “How We Met” Stories That Will Turn You Into A Romantic

Below I’ve listed some of the best boy-meets-girl stories from The Way We Met, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing romantic anecdotes that will tug at your fucking heart strings. Unless of course you’re a cold human.

1. The Strangers Who Met While Stopped At A Red Light.

2. The Kindergarten Class Sweethearts.

3. The Running Shoe Salesman And The Personal Trainer.

4. The Research Student And The Guinea Pig.

5. The Walmart Cashier And The Lucky Customer.

6. The Volunteer Sports Fanatics.

7. The Fated Pizza Enthusiasts.

8. The Starbucks Baristas Who Found Love Serving Coffee.

9. The Ultimate Frisbee Player And Her Straightforward Suitor.

10. The Divorcées Who Found A Second Chance In Each Other.

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