27 Signs You’re Dating A Man Who Knows How To Make You Happy


1. He encourages you to wear flats when you head out at night, even though you both know you look significantly better in heels, because he cares about your comfort more than your outward appearance.

2. He has a sixth sense that tells him when to rescue you from a conversation at a party. And when to take the initiative in executing your joint escape from a social gathering, even if he’s not quite ready to make an exit, because you’re fading.

3. He hails the taxi, opens the door, and never makes you scooch over, even in the midst of a downpour.

4. The second an unexpectedly strong gust of wind blows, he checks to see if you’re dressed warmly. He might zip up your jacket an extra inch or two. If you’re not dressed appropriately, he’ll offer you his coat or hoodie or whatever he’s wearing, or suggest heading indoors.

5. Whenever you cook for him he compliments your food after just one bite, no matter how good or bad it tastes. You could serve him a soggy egg scramble or a dry hunk of steak and he would genuinely enjoy the meal because you made it for him.

6. On the eve of a big work day, he’ll suggest getting into bed earlier than usual and he’ll give you a back rub to help you unwind instead of propositioning you for sex.

7. He loves going down on you, and he performs oral sex mindfully, heeding every pelvic thrust and moan so he can monitor exactly which tactics work best.

8. He’s not too proud to ask you for advice when it comes to your body, or to take direction in bed. In fact, he welcomes any tips he can get.

9. No matter how awesome the sex is, he’s always reaching to pleasure you better. In the aftermath of the most mind-blowing orgasm you’ve ever had, he’ll say, “let’s go for multiples next time.”

10. Whenever positioning allows for it, he makes eye contact with you during sex.

11. He’s not too embarrassed to refer to sex as “making love.” Actually, he was the first to insist that you were way past the point of “hooking up” as a couple.

12. He sincerely wants you to want him, and when you’re really into giving him a blowjob, you can see the impact your enthusiasm has.

13. Sex isn’t satisfying for him unless you get off too. Even if you explain that you’re feeling gross and bloated in the days leading up to your period, he’ll try his absolute best to get you to orgasm, reassuring you all along that you look sexy—because in his view, it’s true.

14. The silly terms of endearment you assign him make him smile with pride.

15. He willingly violates the “bro code” he used to abide by so he can share juicy bits of gossip with you about his friends. He trusts you enough to keep his secrets, and he likes confiding in you.

16. When he showers you with ridiculous compliments that can’t possibly be accurate (for instance, “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world”), he’s not just trying to flatter you. He means it.

17. He loves holding your hand and wrapping his arm around your shoulder or waist in public. When you’re out together, whatever you’re doing, he makes it seem as if no one else exists.

18. He never bids you farewell (even for five minutes to run to the store) without kissing you first. If you’re fast asleep when he leaves, the good-bye smooch comes in the form of the gentlest grazing of his lips, which you may or may not register.

19. When you’re stressed out or overwhelmed, he figures out how to ease your load by doing more than his share of household chores and/or errands. But he never demands credit. The reward for him is in helping you out.

20. When people ask him what he’s up to, he automatically responds with “we…” because he thinks of himself as one half of a team.

21. He goes out of his way to support you on social media, favoriting every Tweet, and liking every Facebook post and Instagram picture.

22. When socializing with your parents, he is the best version of himself because your mom and dad’s opinions are important to him. Plus, when your parents are happy, you’re happy, which inevitably makes him happy.

23. He’s grateful to your parents for raising you to be the woman you are, and he’ll tell them that—to win them over, partly, but also because he sincerely feels that way.

24. He talks about having kids with you as if it would be an honor, and he looks forward to seeing what you’ll look like as a pregnant woman.

25. Nothing about your body could possibly turn him off—not even an infected cut, a calloused foot, or an ingrown hair. And definitely not a stomach enlarged to accommodate his future child.

26. He goes out of his way to plan new experiences for you to enjoy as a couple because you inspire him to be more adventurous, and vice versa.

27. Whenever you’re feeling insecure, he’s there to reassure you that everything will be okay—as long as you’re together, that is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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