50 Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Wondering Whether The Guy You’re Dating Is Worth Keeping Forever

Christian Gonzalez
Christian Gonzalez

1. Does his smile automatically make me smile?

2. Do I laugh my absolute hardest when we’re together?

3. Do I love every single one of his flaws, physical and emotional?

4. Does he make me feel beautiful, in spite of all my flaws?

5. Do I like the way he smells—not just when he’s freshly showered, but first thing in the morning?

6. Do we have inside jokes that are all our own?

7. Can we transform a terrible experience into an awesome memory?

8. When I’m crying or upset for any reason, can I count on experiencing some degree of relief the second I’m in his arms?

9. Do I feel better about myself when he’s around?

10. Do I miss him like crazy at unexpected moments in the middle of the day for no apparent reason?

11. Does he ask me lots of questions and seem genuinely interested in my responses?

12. Do I feel driven on some instinctive level to do whatever I can to lift his spirits when he’s having a bad day?

13. Does he reach out midday just to say “hi,” or “thinking of you (naked)” sometimes?

14. Do I feel comfortable asking him for advice and/or help when I need it?

15. When he holds me, do I suddenly feel safer?

16. Does he inspire me to be the best version of myself?

17. Can we have fun together no matter what we’re doing, or where we are?

18. Do we enjoy sitting in silence together for extended periods of time, just soaking in each other’s energy?

19. Can I picture him as a father?

20. Is he kind to me without even trying?

21. Do I want to hug him, even when he’s sweaty after a run or soaked from getting stuck in a sudden downpour?

22. Does he look me in the eyes regularly?

23. Does he offer me Advil and water before tending to his own headache when we’re lying in bed together with massive hangovers?

24. Does he truly support my career objectives and genuinely want me to be successful professionally?

25. Can he tell when I need some space, and when I need to be smothered with affection?

26. Does he try to impress my best friends, parents, and closest relatives?

27. Does he manage to surprise me on an ongoing basis, in small but important ways?

28. Is he comfortable making a fool of himself around me—by dancing with abandon or telling a ridiculous joke—just to make me laugh?

29. Does he say silly things around me he’d never utter in the company of others?

30. Does we have pet names for each other?

31. Does he worship my body, even when I don’t look or feel my best?

32. Does he seem truly grateful to have met me?

33. Does he discuss the future in terms of our relationship, as if it’s assumed we’ll always be together?

34. Does he apologize readily when he’s made a mistake?

35. Does he forgive me readily when I admit that I was wrong?

36. Has he tried something—a certain cuisine, an exercise regimen, a book, or a film—because he wants to understand me better through experiencing the things I like most in life.

37. Does he suggest trying new things together as a couple?

38. Do we flag certain TV shows and movies in advance for joint watching only?

39. Do we have a favorite vacation destination—either a place we’ve been to already, or dream of visiting together?

40. Do I want to know everything about him—not just about his current existence, but every tidbit from his childhood?

41. When we’re sharing an umbrella, does he make sure I’m shielded from the rain better than he is?

44. When I’m stressed out, does he ask what he can do to ease my workload?

45. Do I ever find myself yearning to take on his pain because I’d rather hurt than watch him hurt?

46. Does he ever choose me over spending time with friends?

47. Does he seem proud to introduce me to people as his girlfriend?

48. Is he protective of me, even borderline possessive?

49. Is he my best friend?

50. Is the idea of life without him not only dull, but unimaginable? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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