10 Things Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You, But Should (From A Personal Trainer)

Joey Rehavi is a New York City based, military certified personal trainer. He served in the Army Special Forces for seven years, in combat and as a Master Trainer. Through Corefit101, he offers one-on-one sessions combining elements of core definition training, bootcamp, Crossfit, muscle strengthening, and toning.

1. “You are not injured, you are lazy.”

You’re mistaken if you think a little pain is an excuse not to train. Strengthening your muscles through light training after an injury has the same effect as physical therapy, and it can definitely expedite the healing process. There’s a huge difference between a “burning sensation” and an actual injury. A good trainer should understand the difference, so make sure to communicate exactly what you’re feeling—and try not to exaggerate while you’re at it just so you can feel good about taking it easy for a while.

2. “I’m not a friend for hire.”

We can gossip a little during breathers and breaks, but I don’t need to know too much about whatever you do outside our time together. Less socializing and more training will get you the results you want, so save the drunk glory stories for your actual friends, or even your colleagues.

3. “I’m not a psychologist, either.”

Your mental health is important, but it’s not my responsibility. Over the years, I’ve heard it all from my client base, which includes models, famous actors, lawyers, waiters, bankers, and Catholic priests. People have confessed that they’re cheating on their spouse, experiencing severe depression, miserable at work, or being physically abused. If you need a psychiatrist, get one. Most health insurance policies cover it. That way we can focus on your physical problems and less on your emotional ones.

4. “You’re eating more than you’re telling me.”

If your body isn’t changing at all in response to our work together, I know you’re probably lying about your eating habits. It’s better if you’re straightforward so I can help you adjust your diet and adopt healthy strategies. By ducking the truth, you create more work for yourself.

5. “Showing up for a workout is not the same as working out.”

Show up and expect to work. Hiring a personal trainer isn’t supposed to make the process of getting fit easier. If anything, we’re there to challenge you, so be prepared to put everything you’ve got into our sessions.

6. “If you’re on a budget, don’t hire me.”

If hiring a personal trainer isn’t a smart financial move for you, don’t do it. Definitely don’t complain to me about how you’re spending beyond your means. I offer a service for a certain price for a reason. There are less expensive options out there.

7. “Stop wasting my time, and yours.”

People seem to love coming up with new excuses to take additional, unnecessary breaks. Suddenly, they need to refill their half-empty water bottle, grab an extra towel, or go to the bathroom—for the third time. All of these obvious strategies for taking unscheduled breathers are a waste of both your time, and mine. Make our time together count.

8. “Put the phone down.”

That text or email can wait. There is no way you can train hard in between chatting on the phone or answering text messages. If you’re serious about improving your physical fitness, do your body the courtesy of focusing your full attention on it throughout the one our it gets with me.

9. “Invest in new sports gear.”

Those old sneakers are causing you joint pains and possibly back pain, too. Don’t be cheap with your body, especially if you’ve committed to training with a professional. I shouldn’t have to go shopping for you.

10. “You don’t need me forever.”

I’m excited when you achieve the results you want. Your goal should be to reach the point at which you can maintain your fitness regimen without my help. I’m not here to hold your hand forever. Any trainer who claims you’ll need them forever isn’t being honest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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