28 Signs You And Your Boyfriend Are Doing This Whole Relationship Thing Right

Pedro Ribeiro Simões
Pedro Ribeiro Simões

1. You know exactly what your partner needs to eat on hangover days and if you wake up first after a big night out, you’ll start cooking the proper egg scramble or place the right diner order immediately.

2. When one person watches a TV show or a movie on their own, it feels like they’ve cheated on you. Because they kind of did.

3. You have a favorite takeout place and a go-to restaurant in every cuisine category. So “Should we go Thai?” implies a specific menu and/or venue.

4. You have a joint bucket list of things you’d like to do together before you get old and wrinkly and incapable of certain types of adventure, like bungee jumping.

5. It doesn’t sadden you one bit to think about growing old—together.

6. You have another list of especially risky and/or dangerous things you’d like to do before you die but only once you both get old and wrinkly so the potential downside of things going awry is diminished, like trip on acid.

7. You also have a list of exotic vacation destinations you want to visit together over the years. You discuss your loose plans to see Machu Picchu, the Egyptian pyramids, and to go on safari in South Africa. The idea of traveling without each other is totally unappealing.

8. You know exactly which clothes and toiletries to pack for the other person in an overnight bag.

9. You share one suitcase when you take long trips, not because you don’t own your own but because sharing one seems intimate in an odd but awesome way.

10. When one of you is particularly rushed, you can count on the other to serve as your human clock and the resident weatherman. You don’t even have to ask “What time is it?” or “What’s it like outside?” because the other person knows to provide regular status updates as you shower and get your things in order.

11. You strongly prefer socializing together. When necessary, you’ll tolerate a “girl’s night out” or a “boy’s night out” but you’ll probably be the one to ask for the check because you genuinely want to wrap things up so you can meet up with your partner instead.

12. Whenever you encounter an especially fascinating story or funny video online, you immediately send your partner the link—not only because you want to share the interesting content, but also because you want to be sure you have the same reference points in conversations down the line.

13. When one of you is at their worst because you’re sick, overtired, or just grumpy for no reason at all, you’re allowed to act like an asshole for a while because the other person understands that you’ll snap out of it eventually and apologize.

14. Without question, you coordinate outfits for theme parties and you only consider couples costume options for Halloween.

15. You try your best to match—or at the very least, not clash—when selecting attire for formal events.

16. No matter what you actually think of the material, you like every single thing your partner posts to Facebook and Instagram and you favorite or Retweet them a fair amount to show support.

17. If the other person accidentally overlooks something you posted to social media, it’s acceptable to pick up their phone and like your own stuff (and maybe make a ridiculous comment) on their behalf.

18. You follow all of each other’s closest friends, because they’re your friends too now.

19. You are each other’s go-to editors when sending out important professional emails that demand a second set of eyes.

20. You can be abrupt on the phone or in an email when necessary without offending each other. For example, “Sorry, can’t talk,” is a totally acceptable way to answer a call.

21. The other person’s parents call, text, and email you when they can’t get in touch with their son or daughter.

22. You have a folder on your computer named after your boyfriend or girlfriend that’s populated with miscellaneous items like their resume and any projects you’ve helped them out with in the past.

23. When you’re in the car together, whomever’s driving feels totally at ease handing the other person their phone along with loose instructions for drafting a text or an email to so-and-so.

24. When drafting a text or an email on behalf or your partner, you know exactly what style and tone to adopt, depending upon whether you’re communicating with one of their colleagues, a friend, or a family member.

25. You find yourself using the word “we” in response to questions about your life, such as: “How are things going?” and “What are you up to this weekend?”

26. You make a conscious effort to drop the “we” thing when conversing with your single friends, assuming you should avoid rubbing your happy coupledom in people’s faces. But since most of your daily activities include your significant other, it would be inaccurate to say “I” a lot of the time.

27. Luckily, you soon realize that your friends are inspired by your closeness as a couple. They think it’s wonderful that you’re so happy together because they’re your friends and it’s their job to want the best for you.

28. Part of you wonders whether you’ve let yourself become too invested in your togetherness. Are you no longer completely independent? Is your sense of happiness and wellbeing now tied up in someone else’s existence? Is it okay to be so reliant upon the person you love? Yes, yes, and yes! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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