14 Struggles Every Girl Who Hates Early Mornings With A Passion Can Relate To

Flickr / me and the sysop
Flickr / me and the sysop

If you are a woman who struggles to wake-up in the morning, has a serious relationship with her bed and loves to sleep-in every morning, then this one is for you. Don’t deny it, you can relate to every single one of these 14 things.

1. Night showers

Showering in the morning is just not an option. Not only does it take up time, but then you have to deal with your sopping wet hair.

2. The snooze button is your best friend

You have snoozed your alarm for over an hour before, don’t deny it.

3. The sound of your alarm gives you anxiety

It doesn’t even matter if you are already awake. And people who have the same ringtone as your alarm are the WORST.

4. Getting ready in the morning is a race against the clock

You have mastered the art of putting on your pants as you brush your teeth.

5. The “natural” look is your go-to hair style

Who has time for blow dryers and curling irons when you could sleep in an extra 20 minutes?

6. Your token style is “comfy chic”

Which is really just a nice way of saying you didn’t have time to pick out a cute outfit and you’re still too sleepy to put on real clothes.

7. Your makeup choice could be described as, again, “natural”

Aka, you only had time to throw on a little mascara

8. You choose glasses over contacts…every time

Contacts are great, but forcing your eyes open to put them in is an unwanted process, especially when you could just throw your glasses on in the car on your way to work/class.

9. Breakfast is always on the go

Hot breakfast is not an option when it compromises your extra Z’s in the morning. Breakfast is always something you can eat as you’re walking out the door. Thank goodness for granola bars, right?

10. You play this fun compromise game every morning

“I can sleep 7 more minutes if I skip make up today” *snooze* “And I can sleep 5 more minutes if I run to my car instead of walk” *snooze*

11. You know the fastest routes to everywhere you need to go.

If the short cut to work saves you 6 minutes…then you guessed it… that’s 6 more minutes of sleeping in.

12. You always have that brief regret when you see your friends

When you’re finally out of bed and out the door and see how cute everyone else looks, you wish you would have sacrificed just 10 minutes of sleep to pick out shoes that actually match your outfit…but then you remember how great your snooze was this morning and brush it off.

13. Waking up early on the weekend is not an option

Weekends are meant for sleeping in. It’s like a mini holiday every week.

14. You’ll always be a morning sleepy head.

No matter how many times you tell yourself you’re going to wake up at a normal time and take your time getting ready, you’ll always be hitting that snooze button come sunrise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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