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24 One-Sentence Reminders For When You Feel Lost

1. Breathe.

2. Resist the urge to compare your journey to those around you—no two paths are the same.

3. Breathe again.

4. Keep breathing.

5. You are more than one thing, so you can do more than one thing, too.

6. Life isn’t supposed to be a neat little puzzle.

7. It’s okay if you’re coloring outside the lines—a blank piece of paper with color exploding all over it is always so much more interesting than the perfect page of a coloring book.

8. Forgive yourself for plans gone awry—you cannot plan for the unforeseen.

9. It’s okay if you’ve changed your mind about wanting things that you once wanted and no longer wish to hold.

10. It’s okay to change your mind—period.

11. You might not know where you want to go tomorrow, and that’s okay.

12. Keep moving forward, but give yourself a nap when you need it.

13. Remember that rest does not equate to laziness.

14. Remember that it’s far less common to air your confusions, your concern, and your unease as to where you are and where you want to go.

15. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with you for leaning into the complexities of this journey.

16. Give yourself the grace to change direction.

17. Give yourself the grace to discover, whether it be discovering something around you or even within you.

18. Give yourself the grace you extend to others.

19. Relish in the unfolding that is your life.

20. Even when it feels as if the world is spinning out of control and that nothing you do in life matters, hold onto the thought that you get to choose how you react to each and everything that happens to you.

21. Pay attention to the people who seem to suck your energy and feed your fears—those are not your people.

22. Surround yourself with things that feed your joy, like music, books, art, nature, and the laughter and kisses of the ones you adore.

23. Remember, you are not alone.

24. You are a miracle, and you will be okay.

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