45 One-Sentence Reminders About What Love Is

Sometimes, to make sure we don’t settle or accept toxic or harmful behavior, we put more urgency on the things that love is not.

But what about what love is? What is the thing that we fight for, and hope for, and dream about?

Here are 45 one-sentence reminders about what love is.

1. Love is listening.

2. Love is showing up.

3. Love is being able to sit in silence without the need to fill the air with a conversation.

4. Love is taking a deep dive into all conversations.

5. Love is support.

6. Love is being a champion for others.

7. Love is being a cheerleader for others.

8. Love is being a mirror for others.

9. Love is an embrace—sometimes it’s a physical one, but it’s always an emotional one.

10. Love is taking the time to ask questions.

11. Love is always striving to learn.

12. Love is laughter.

13. Love is sometimes maddening.

14. Love is beautiful.

15. Love is messy.

16. Love is a picture of what our hearts feel like.

17. Love is not a place on a map.

18. Love is without a timeline.

19. Love is a different picture for each heart.

20. Love is not about having an agenda.

21. Love is learning to cultivate your patience.

22. Love is giving grace when you are impatient.

23. Love is kind.

24. Love is imperfect.

25. Love is without ego.

26. Love is doing.

27. Love is a verb, a noun, and an adjective.

28. Love is found in tiny moments.

29. Love is the bricks which we must build with.

30. Love is the thing to lead with.

31. Love is living.

32. Love is waiting for you.

33. Love is something we can all receive if we want it.

34. Love is something we can all give.

35. Love is something we all deserve.

36. Love is a gift.

37. Love is light.

38. Love is what leads you through the dark.

39. Love is an adventure.

40. Love is comfort.

41. Love is home.

42. Love is within you.

43. Love is something that lives on.

44. Love is what sticks.

45. Love is love is love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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