Your Forever Person Should Be Both Your Home And Your Adventure

Your Forever Person Should Be Both Your Home And Your Adventure

I hope you believe me when I say that your forever person, your soul mate, the one you marry and hold hands with for forever can also be the person who feels like home and the person who feels like your biggest adventure. You don’t have to choose between the two. You don’t have to pick one over the other.

Because when your hearts meet, adventure and home will become intertwined.

The two can coexist within one being.

With your forever person, everything will feel like an adventure. When you go on vacation, that’ll feel like an adventure. When you travel to cities you’ve never been and meet strangers that you’ll remember forever, and try new foods that you’ll always love, that’ll feel like an adventure too.

With your forever person, trying new things will feel like an adventure. When you listen to new music or see a movie that your forever person loves but you’ve never seen, that’ll feel like an adventure. Staying out late and dancing till sunrise will most certainly feel like an adventure, but so will shutting your phones off on Sunday morning and laying in bed all day long.

With your forever person, you’ll find adventure wherever you are, and with whatever you are doing.

And with each adventure that comes across your path, both big and small, you’ll build a home, together.

Together you can come home from those adventures in far off lands and cities you fell in love with, and melt into your couch. Together you can catch up on your favorite television shows and eat in take-out from that local Chinese food restaurant. Or whichever cuisine you prefer. The food doesn’t matter. What matters is how you’re creating your home, your safe space, and your place of respite for one another.

With your forever person, the smallest actions can feel like an adventure and home all rolled into one. Going for a run together can feel like an adventure. Long walks and long talks can feel like an adventure. Grocery shopping can feel like an adventure. Quiet dinners at your tiny apartment table can feel like one, too.

When you’re with your forever person, the little things and the big things in life can feel like an adventure.

You’ll lean on one another. You’ll talk to one another. You’ll take care of one another when the other is sick. Together you’ll learn what makes up the fabric of one another’s soul. You’ll find out what makes them happy, and sad, and excited, and every other emotion you can possibly feel.

And learning the soul of another, well, that is the greatest adventure of all – for with that knowledge, you become one another’s adventure, you are the one that they call home.

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