Please Embrace The Slowness

Please Embrace The Slowness

It’s easy to want to rush to the good stuff, the fancy stuff, the exciting things.

It’s easy to want to get to the next thing, whatever that “thing” is for you. Maybe it’s a new home. Maybe it’s a new job. Maybe it’s a new baby. Maybe it’s a new city. Maybe it’s jumping into a relationship if you’ve been single for a while. Maybe it’s creating that business that’s been dancing around in your dreams.

It’s easy to want to get to whatever the next exciting thing  is, to want to rush the tiny moments and slow moments. It’s easy to want to take a short cut on the road that you must take to get there.

It’s easy to shrug off the slowness in pursuit of something that is fast and quick and hurried. But I hope you remember that there’s beauty in the slowness of the journey, that the slowness that you’re trying to rid yourself of is actually a gift.

It’s a gift to be able to grow slow.

It’s a gift to be able to make a choice and have it go all wrong and then learn from it. It’s a gift to be able to sow the seeds of the dream you’ve always wished for; it’s a gift to be able to watch those seedlings grow.

A slow journey is a gift — please don’t rush your progress.

I hope you let yourself learn from the moments of stillness, the moments of silence, and the moments of rest. I hope you see that even when you don’t think there is any growth happening, there is — it’s just steady and slow.

I hope you see that each second, each minute, each hour, and each day can bring you closer to the place you wish to be, to that exciting new chapter you’re working for and those things that you’re dreaming about. Please don’t wish those moments of slowness away. Please don’t take them for granted, either. Those are the moments in which you’re making the choices that build your life — it’s there you’ll find the building blocks that will bring you to the good stuff, the fancy stuff, and the exciting things.

Embrace the slowness — it’s truly a gift. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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