Arya Won

Arya Won

Spoilers ahead for Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3.

Arya won. In Season 8, Episode 3, Arya Stark killed the Night King. That’s right – she killed him. Little sister saved them all and I am here to rejoice.

As Winterfell was burning and it looked like humanity would be lost forever, she crept up behind the Night King before he got to Bran, and killed him – and therefore killing all of the White Walkers, too.

Some cynics might say that this was too easy – but I couldn’t disagree more.

Arya has been our hope and our heartbeat since she watched our beloved Ned Stark get beheaded. We have grown with Arya, in times of despair, in times of triumph, in times of utter hopelessness, and in times of purpose.

Arya was the champion of the night and, as far as I’m concerned, she’s the hero of Westeros.

But she was also measured with her movements, her actions, and her attack. She didn’t jump right into the fight – in fact, there was a moment where it was iffy if she was going to survive. But with the help and urging of Melisandre, she gained her confidence back. It was a beautiful sight to behold – an older woman guiding and helping the younger generation. It was mentorship at it’s finest.

There are times when we all know our strengths. We can feel our strength pulsating in our veins, in our beings, and in our hearts and minds. We may not be able to hold our power in our hands, but it is palpable in a way that is mystical. It is something deep, something primal, and something pure.

And then there are moments when we doubt our own strengths, moments where our vision becomes cloudy and we cannot see our own power.

When that happens it helps to take a step back. To find a moment, or in Arya’s case, a wall to lean against, and to just…breathe. In those moments you will regain your steadiness, and hopefully, your vision will clear.

But if it doesn’t, if the fog is too thick and the night is too black, it helps to listen to the ones who can see your strength. Their words can lift the fog and turn on the light. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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