Here's To The Friends We Don't See As Much As We Wish We Could

Here’s To The Friends We Don’t See As Much As We Wish We Could

Here’s to the friends we don’t see every day, but when we do, it’s as if no times has passed.

The friends from our childhood, from our high school days, our college buddies whom we grew into our own with, the friends from adventures that we have never forgotten. The friends who were there on lazy days, and crazy nights, and the moments of in between.

Here’s to the friends from before life got “busy”, the ones who we don’t see as much as we’d like to, but we love them still.

Here’s to the ones we don’t text on a daily basis, but when we get on the actual phone with them, we talk for hours.

Here’s to the ones we don’t see in person every weekend, but when we get together for lunch, we stay at the restaurant for hours upon hours.

Here’s to the ones who can still pick up in the middle of our sentences as easily as they can in the middle of our life stories. They know the building blocks, they remember the details, and they want to know more, too.

Here’s to the friends who understand that calendars get filled and life gets chaotic – and that just because you don’t see them like you used to, doesn’t mean that your love for them has lessened – for these are the friendships that make up the patchwork of your life and your heart. They understand your chaos, and you understand theirs, and yet, you both consistently make a pledge to show up for one another, more.

These are friendships that you cherish. These are the friendships that you treasure. These are the friendships that remind you of the life you have lived, ones that you want to carry along with you on the journey, still.

Time may pass. Life will happen. But these friends are your constant, so cherish them always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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