Be Your Own Khaleesi

Be Your Own Khaleesi

Be your own Khaleesi – and don’t you dare wait for a khal.

Your worth as a human is not for someone else to say, or determine, or give a title to. It is inherent, it is part of you.

Your worth is not dependent on your marital status. Say it with me, “my worth is not dependent on my marital status.” Now say it again. And again. And again. And again. Your worth is not dependent on your marital status. Your crowd is not contingent on your proximity to a king. You do not need a khal to come and make you a queen, for you are already one, your royalty is within you.

There is fire in your bones, in your blood, and in your spirit.

There is the wisdom of the women whom you came from in your heart.

There is untapped power in all of you, in all that you can do.

You can be your own Khaleesi. You don’t need a khal to claim your throne, to step into your power, or to use your fire for which it was intended.

You can be a leader. Whether it’s your own children, or a classroom of students, or an army, or a team of ten or one of thousands – you are built to lead. There is leadership in your veins – so step onto your platform.

Let the fire in your body fuel you towards your visions. Let it inform your actions and scorch the distractions. The flames within you were meant to burn bright – be wary of those who wish to smother your spark.

Let the wisdom of the women who came before you speak wisdom into your heart. Hear their words, and learn from them. Remember that you can learn from their successes and their failures, for the two are not mutually exclusive. Remember that just because they took one road, does not mean you have to take the same one.

You are powerful. Recognize your power – see it, hear it, feel it coursing through your veins. Learn how to embrace it, how to channel it, how to use it to fuel you forward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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