44 Things Only Identical Twins Will Understand

1. Being called another name so often that you automatically respond to it just in case someone might be addressing you by mistake.

2. Enduring years and years of attempting to explain to people that no, we do not have a telepathic connection, and no, we do not feel each other’s pain and no, we actually cannot use each other as a mirror.

3. Facing the above questions so often that you reach a point where you begin to just agree with everything – yes, we do have a secret language.

4. The awkward moment when somebody like a teacher or family friend confuses you with your twin, and you play along because you feel bad telling them they’ve mixed you up. You have no idea what they are talking about.

5. Being the intended twin in the above scenario and trying to remember a conversation that didn’t actually happen when that person sees you again.

6. Not telling people they have got the wrong twin because they tend to feel terrible when they realize their mistake, when you really don’t care because it has happened so often.

7. Experiencing bizarre moments such as “do you have a twin or have you just been changing your clothes all day?”

8. The obligatory moments of identity crisis when you realize you have spent your entire life being confused with another person and often viewed as a single whole, rather than two separate individuals.

9. Sometimes feeling frustrated by the natural curiosity of other people, – this is your life, you don’t know any different.

10. Other times feeling a little bit special when you see people double-take or politely come up and ask if you are indeed twins.

11. The spot-the-difference game grew old quickly didn’t it?

12. The wonderful moment of relief, companionship and simple happiness when you meet other identical twins. These two people could be strangers, yet they know what it is like to be you, and it is like you share a big, silly secret that everybody else just isn’t in on.

13. Sometimes exploiting the fact that you are a twin to gain the attention of the opposite sex.

14. Participating in twin studies makes you feel like an alien and you complain about it – but secretly it’s kind of cool to know you can help out with science.

15. Feeling down sometimes because you feel like everything you do is being compared with somebody else; you are pitted against each other when you don’t even want to compete.

16. Reaching an age where you accept this. It is natural for two people who look and sound exactly the same to be compared. It is everybody else’s way of differentiating you both.

17. Actually having some asshole come up and tell you which one is better looking.

18. Having another person who is kind of like your right hand man, they will always have your back and you will always have theirs.

19. Sometimes getting really, really mad with your twin.

20. Feeling absolutely awful for getting mad with your twin and apologizing very quickly.

21. Wanting to make-up with your twin because you have something funny you want to share with them.

22. Feeling like somebody really knows you when they can always tell the difference.

24. Secretly feeling pleased when one of your friends can list off all of the little differences that allow them to tell you apart. It is nice that they have paid that much attention.

25. When you were small and your parents confused you. Who do they think they are?!

26. Knowing you can talk about anything with your twin – and knowing they will probably feel the same way about something you’re complaining about.

27. Not wanting your other sibling to feel left out, but accepting that it is a different type of relationship – although you love them just the same.

28. When people feel like they have to invite you both to everything – you want them to know that it’s possible to have one without the other.

29. Getting the same presents sucked when you were little. Especially if your twin was faster than you at unwrapping theirs.

30. “So which one is the evil twin?” — Shut up.

31. Feeling very mad with people who try to hurt your twin.

32. Seeing your twin upset is heartbreaking, and sometimes it is only you who will know how to make it better.

33. Having the same sense of humour means finding the same things funny and having a lot of inside jokes. You both feel surprised when other people don’t laugh as hard as you two.

34. It’s annoying when people assume you’re jealous of your twin for achieving something. You are more often than not happy for them.

35. But sometimes you do want to feel a bit grumpy and jealous. People should leave you alone and just let you deal with that.

36. Wanting to be away from your twin just to experience life as a singleton and be around people who haven’t met your twin and aren’t comparing the two of you.

37. Doing the above for a bit and realizing you miss them far too much.

38. Doing everything you can to look different.

39. Feeling a tiny sense of loss as you grow older and your faces do start to change a bit – you don’t look as identical anymore.

40. Being reminded that you are indeed still twins by someone invoking points 1, 2, 7 or 30.

41. Being able to easily rattle off all the things that make you different.

42. But accepting that there are lots of things that make you the same.

43. Secretly thinking it’s okay to be a twin and different to everybody else – your twin is your best friend, even though you probably wouldn’t admit it to each other.

44. Neither of you would change a thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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