I’m Proud Of You For Surviving This Year

I know this year’s been tough — I’ve watched you strain and suffer. You’ve taken on more than anyone should ever endure in this lifetime, not to mention a single calendar year. Although you believe that most people overlook the struggles that you’ve faced, I want you to know that I’m incredibly proud of you for surviving this hellacious year.

You’ve experienced significant losses this year, losses so large that you felt like there was nothing left to live for. And just when you thought you’d catch a break, the universe came back to take even more. At this point, you feel like the world is out to get you and you’re nearly ready to throw in the towel, I’m sure.

But my dear, I’m proud of you for enduring all those losses, both great and small. In the depths of your despair, you may have felt like the world was crumbling beneath you or that your heart was breaking. Yet you eventually wiped away your tears and started putting the pieces back together. You not only showed us all the amazing strength that you possess, but you proved to the world that you’re nothing short of a survivor.

You’ve learned a lot about yourself this year, too, confirming some of your biggest fears. Those long-avoided character defects have now walked out into the spotlight of center stage. And although you’d rather die than admit you possess even the most minor imperfections, this year has made hiding in the shadows no longer an option.

However, I’m proud of you for setting aside your pride and taking time to fight your demons. Asking for help is never comfortable, yet you somehow made it look so easy. You finally embraced your darkness and your light and started working towards some inner healing. I know you may never realize how inspiring your journey is, but thank you for sharing it with us nonetheless.

You’ve always cowered and conformed to the wishes of everyone else, never once questioning how it impacted you. Yet through all the trials and tribulations this year has thrown your way, that lifestyle became impossible to maintain. Although it felt distressing to take a stand, you needed to for your own survival.

That’s why I’m so proud of you for finally allowing yourself the space to speak freely from your heart. I know you once worried about pleasing others at the expense of your own self-care. But somehow you used your battles as a means of transformation and rose from the ashes a stronger, more self-assured person who finally found her voice. And although it came with growing pains, I’m so proud of you, this incredible woman who stands before me.

While most people look forward to all the possibilities that a new year holds in store, I know that you’re stirring with anxiety and apprehension. This year has left you beaten down and exhausted — I get it. But in case I haven’t made it clear: I’m proud of you for surviving this year. You impress me each and every day with your bravery and relentless determination. I hope that you’ll soon see the wondrous woman I see and feel just as honored to know her. I’m proud of you for surviving this year, and I hope you’re proud of yourself, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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