Exactly What Each Birth Order Is Like On A First Date

Exactly What Each Birth Order Is Like On A First Date


Self-confident and in control, the first-born loves planning out the entire night. They will take the lead in conversation, and probably in making any moves. If you’re on a first date with a first-born, you’ll see their nurturing, caring ways in both subtle actions and questions they ask.

However, as perfectionists and protectors, first-borns have very high expectations for their initial romantic encounters. If they aren’t seeing sparks, they may close off to guard their heart. First-born dates may also seem bossy or even controlling.

They love to be the dominant one, so if you let them take charge, you’re in for an incredible night!

Middle Child

You’re in for a calm and quiet first date with any middle child. They go with the flow, enjoy listening, and often knows some smooth moves from an older sibling. They will eat up the attention you give, while also showering you in affection as well.

Unfortunately, middle children tend to feel insecure and often work hard to prove themselves. Therefore, their first dates can almost feel uncomfortable with the effort they put into trying to impress you. They may also appear aloof and disconnected.

If you are great at handling delicate and fragile things, you’ll have a great first night with any middle child.

Youngest Child

Charming and agreeable, youngest children are the life of the party. This personality shines on first dates while they keep you laughing and loving every exciting moment of your date. You’ll connect instantly, and they’ll impress you with their creative ideas throughout the night.

However, these same dates can be a bit immature and even manipulative. Youngest children are used to being the baby, and they expect you to care for them just the way their parents (and older siblings) do. They may be flaky and non-committal, and are more likely to ghost you.

If you’re looking for a good time or a night out on the town without any follow through, this is the date for you.

Only Child

Confident and brilliant, only children will impress you with their wisdom and insightfulness from the start. They will keep the conversation moving, and they love to share about themselves. Don’t be shocked if they splurge on appetizers or dessert, since only children tend to enjoy indulgence.

Unfortunately, all that wisdom and maturity may lose its charm when their self-centered, spoiled core comes out. If they feel threatened or any minor criticism from you, expect the date to end abruptly. Only children are used to being alone, and they have no problem staying that way.

They love attention and compliments, so feed their egos throughout the night to ensure some lip action.


You’re in for an interesting ride on a first date with a twin, that’s for sure! They will leave you laughing with their jokes and stories, and you may pick up on this weird sixth sense vibe they have about them. They are constantly considerate and always willing to share.

However, they may seem unsure of what to do next or how to make a move. You may catch them on their phone a lot (texting their partner-in-crime from birth?), or answering your question with a question. Also, they may seem nervous if you leave them alone for a bit, as that’s not their norm.

If you really want to have a fun time, consider pulling off a double date if both twins are single and you’ve got a cute friend! (Although, asking that may also turn the twin off if they are trying to break into their own unique identity…)

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