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What To Do When You’re Always The One Who Cares More

It’s a facet of the human existence that you’ve lived for far too long: relationships are never equal. Someone always gives more, loves harder, puts the most effort, cares too much. And, sure, that’s okay, but being the person who always gives the most becomes exhausting. It’s heartbreaking to never feel loved the way you love. The world is a lonely place for those of us who constantly care with every fiber of our being and every breath we take.

Just once, though, could that person not be me…not be you? What do you do when the one who always cares more?

Look for the moments when others shower you with care. They may be small and spread far apart, but once you start to really search, you’ll realize they are there. It may come in the simple things, the tiniest of signs; it may come in grand gestures or gifts that only happen once a year. Once you change your perception, you may find that care is pouring into your heart more than you ever truly felt before, flowing like a stream.

You need to learn to speak your mind and ask for what you need. Unlike you, most people are not mind readers; nearly everyone is selfish and unwilling to give more than is asked of them. You may have held back all of your requests because you don’t want to be a burden or a bother. It’s important for your tender heart, though, to get what you need and desperately desire.

Sometimes, though, when all else fails, it’s best to simply accept what is, embracing who you are. You are the one who always cares more, and that fact it will never change. You don’t know how to love any differently or give less of yourself. It feels like you aren’t being genuine and true if you don’t care for them completely. You care and love with all your soul, and that ability is rare and quite beautiful indeed.

The world may sometimes feel tiring and isolating to be the one who cares so much more. The positive is, though, that your love is everlasting, enduring, and infinite. It makes you the rarest and most beautiful of flowers, one that blooms in goodness and light. Try to find the moments when others care and don’t be shy to ask for love when you need. Most importantly, though, just stay true to your tender, giving heart: we all love that you’re this way. TC mark

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