The 7 Best TV Shows To Look To For Fashion Inspiration

Scandal: The Complete First Season
Scandal: The Complete First Season

Between the growing number of personal style blogs, street style websites, and fashion lines throwing hot new trends down the runway — sometimes, I feel like I’m drowning in fashion possibility. And yes, like anyone else my age, I still look into my closet and groan that age-old adage.

I have nothing to wear.

And guess what? Surfing the blogs, the runway snapshots… sometimes that doesn’t even help. Chanel is trying to bring fanny packs and platform sneakers back, which I can’t even talk about. And if I see one more plaid flannel tucked into a flouncy skirt paired with a statement necklace and a top-knot on a style blog, I think I might die of an overdose. So where am I to look for that certain je ne sais quoi? Where am I to go for my inspiration to get out of my sweatpants in the morning and actually put together an ensemble? Television.

1. American Horror Story

I know what you’re thinking: why would a television show scripted to scare the shit out of me have any hot fashion tips? Personally, I was too afraid to watch seasons one and two, but this season is bursting at the seams with big names and even bigger style moments. If you need any pointers on how to wear black without looking drab, this show is your bible.

2. The Carrie Diaries

A show set in the 80s? The horror. But trust me. Take a step out on the limb of this television show and you’ll find two things: Young Carrie Bradshaw’s sweater game was on point in the 80s, and the girl knows how to mix prints.

3. Downton Abbey

Another historical fiction moment with major style potential. Downton Abbey is now entering the twenties in full swing, and that dapper flapper style is dashing across the screen in feathers and sequins. Even though I’m still boycotting the show for (SPOILER ALERT) killing off Matthew, I can still appreciate Lady Mary’s gloves and hair. (Seriously, take a stab at that milkmaid twist thing she’s got going on, it’s easy and stunning.)

4. Hart of Dixie

This show is like a cornucopia of style possibility. You can go after the main character Zoe Hart, and note how she flawlessly incorporates leather into 90% of her outfits, acclimating her big city girl wardrobe into a small southern town lifestyle — or take a page out of Lemon Breeland’s book, go full out modern southern belle, and try on today’s debutante look for a week or two. I am consistently drooling over this show’s costume choices.

5. Scandal

Olivia Pope, giving side chicks hope since 2011. (Rhyme only partially intended.) Also giving every woman the desire to be a power queen, wear the white hat, and subsist on a diet of red wine and popcorn for the rest of their lives. Seriously, though. Her wardrobe is work-chic. All. The. Time.

6. The Mindy Project

It probably helps that the star of the show (who also happens to produce and write it) is a fashion devotee herself. Which probably explains why, although the show is based around a group of doctors, we rarely see boring blue scrubs that we always associate with the profession. No longer are the white coats of Grey’s Anatomy satisfactory for the doctors of our television fantasies. Oh, no. The doctors of Schulman & Associates are well coiffed and well wardrobe’d. Mindy is also a fierce style icon for those of us women who do not run a size 0-2, proving that you can wear whatever the fuck you want and look good doing it, with a little bit of practice. This one even has an entire blog dedicated to it. (You’re welcome.)

7. Revenge

I like to think that if I lived in the Hamptons, I would look like Emily Thorne pretty much all of the time. I would even settle for Victoria Grayson’s wardrobe. Sadly, if I lived in the Hamptons, I would probably be more like Liz Lemon and wear a lot of sweatpants, and yoga pants moonlighting as sweatpants. And socks with sandals. (Okay, not socks with sandals.) However, one glimpse at Revenge and I feel ready to put together an ensemble for whatever event I have coming up. Seriously. Do you remember that red dress Emily wore? Show. Stopper. Whoever’s doing this show’s costumes knows a thing or two about the way a dress fits a woman. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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