How To Live A Life You Will Remember

Julian Jagtenberg
Julian Jagtenberg

A few decades later, when you look back through all the years left behind you are likely to remember all the great moments you have been through. The flashbacks about your past will slowly fill your mind and make you recall everything you have seen, heard and felt.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. What if there is nothing to remember? What if ultimately all those years appear to be empty? Is it the feeling you want to experience then?

The truth is that the biggest challenge here is to have something to recall. The biggest challenge here is to fill those years thoughtfully. The biggest challenge here is to live the life you will remember.

Embrace the truth. It is easier said than done.

The thing you have to acknowledge immediately is that your life has already begun. There is no interlude. Nor is there a trial version. Everything you do matters. Every single decision counts.

There will not be the second chance to restart your life from scratch and live it the way you want. You are living present and you are living now. Every single moment of your life is a contribution to your memories about it.

If you take a minute to think about your age, you will find out that it is simply a number of years you have spent on the Earth. Meanwhile, it reflects neither the number of your wins nor the number of dreams fulfilled. It does not say anything about your experience or knowledge.

However, your task is to make those years not only the measurement of your age. You should make them your matter of pride. You should fill those years with the great things that one day will make you smile.

The tips I would like to unpack here to help you live the life you will remember are neither novel nor original. Nevertheless, they are worth re-emphasizing.

1. Begin with the end in mind

Sketch the sum total of your ideal life. Define your goals and major aspirations. Take your dreams seriously and live the life that is worth remembering.

2. Cultivate Perseverance

In order to achieve the results you can be proud of, you have to work hard and never give up. Everything worth doing is going to be neither easy nor fast. Be patient and persistent.

3. Do What You Love

And love what you do. Commit to the things that constantly make you happy. These are they who will make great memories last forever. If you have not found such things yet, keep on searching. Do not settle.

4. Take Opportunities

Use the chances your life provides you with. Thinking will not take you far from the place you are now. Actions will. Therefore, whenever you have an opportunity that can take you closer to your aspirations, seize it.

5. Chase Your Dreams

Fulfilling your dreams is hard. Living a mediocre life is easy. However, you are not likely to recall anything from it. Depart for the exciting journey towards your dreams and aspire to live your ideal life.

6. Invest In Experiences

Things have a shelf life. Experiences live forever in your memory. The excess baggage is not going to lead you to a meaningful life. Spend your time and money wisely. Buy experiences, not things.

7. Leave No Reasons For Regrets

The thing you are definitely not willing to do in the future is to regret the past. Do not wait for the perfect moment to make a major decision. It does not exist. Be bold enough to take big steps now and change your life for the better.

If there is someone who can make your life full of moments that are worth remembering, it is you. Make sure you cope with this function perfectly well. Fill your days with wins and great achievements, memories and experiences, smiles and kisses.
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