8 Daily Habits: How To Make Yourself Better Each Day

Harsha K R
Harsha K R

Your present reality is an outcome of the little, seemingly trivial, daily actions, decisions and choices. Every day consists of hundreds of such tiny commitments. The repeated ones constitute your daily habits, which might seem innocuous. However, the truth is that these are they who shape your lifestyle, determine your level of productivity, influence your long-term success and eventually reflect the person you are.

The art of following the right habits appear to be an underrated secret of constant growth and development. In reality, the habits you follow have a compound effect, which allows you to accomplish massive results by doing simple, small steps.

The great thing about this is that you can totally take control over them and develop the habits that appear to have a positive impact on your personal growth, while filtering out those that are not a perfect fit for a person you would like to be.

Here are seven habits you should follow to make yourself better each day:

1. Become More Observant

Notice everything that surrounds you. The world is full of examples, ideas, words, wisdom, mistakes and experiences. Pay attention to details and use them to your own benefit.

2. Go Offline

Minimize the time you spend on social media sites. You will instantly notice how longer your day can be without pointless surfing on web. This will let you literally maximize your time.

3. Collect Ideas

Ideas and thoughts tend to evaporate from your mind too fast. Try to capture them before it is too late. Ideally, write down or sketch every single one.

4. Start Writing

The biggest value of a good writing skill is that it cultivates a discipline. First of all, the discipline of thinking. Your thoughts will cease to be random and chaotic. They will gradually become systematized and structured instead.

5. Develop A Habit To Act

Constant thinking will not take you far from the place you are now. Actions will. Stop procrastinating and start acting. Define your goals and do the things that matters every single day.

6. Read

Read a lot. Reading is probably the best investment of time ever. Devote at least 30 minutes per day to reading. Ideally, have a book always with you. Then you will not waste any minute purposelessly.

7. Use Wikipedia

It is a great source of interesting and meaningful information. Choose the topic you like and read one article per day just in order to improve your knowledge and learn interesting facts.

8. Expand Your Comfort Zone

There is nothing new in your comfort zone. All the opportunities for growth are beyond it. Therefore, find your discomfort zone. Enter it!

The strategy of developing good habit attitude requires strong commitment, patience and consistency. It takes time, but the outcome is worth struggle.

Due to compound effect of daily habits very soon you will be able to reap huge rewards from a series of these small and smart choices. In the long run these simple habits will prove to be a firm foundation for your personal growth and development.

Establish the right habits — those that take you in the right direction and let you improve yourself every day.
Develop a good habit attitude. Then you will not need to break a bad one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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