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8 Signs That You’re Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be In Life

1. You no longer need to achieve your goal because you’re fulfilled already.

Ironically, it’s when we realize that we don’t need our goal that we usually achieve our wildest dreams. That’s because when we place our happiness on an external event or we place our goal on a pedestal, we are essentially telling ourselves that we’re not good enough unless we have it. This is the quickest and most efficient way to have resistance to your goal, and perhaps it may mean that you don’t enjoy working towards the goal but just want the outcome. However, if you love the process and are enjoying the journey, then my friend, you’re on the right path!

2. You see signs all around you.

If you’re on the right path, the Universe will often present you clues letting you know that you’re going in the right direction. Oftentimes, this is communicated via our feelings. If you feel fulfilled and aligned throughout your days, then this is the Universe communicating to you that you’re on the right path. Another sign is seeing the same numbers throughout your day. It’s not uncommon to see 11:11 on your clock a lot. It’s a sign from the Universe telling you that your angels are watching you.

3. You find joy in giving to others.

If you find yourself wanting to give more to others, then it means that you’re filling up your own happiness cup. If you have more to give, than it means you are also giving yourself more. We give ourselves more by engaging in things that we’re passionate about, communing with people that we love, and also giving ourselves the space to be conscious creators of our lives. If you find yourself wanting to give more to your loved ones, then you’re on the right path.

4. Failure doesn’t phase you.

You’ve realized that failure is simply a part of the process and serves as a crucial stepping stone to wherever you want to go. You’ve detached yourself from external outcomes and instead use your internal thoughts and feelings to judge your progress. If you’ve detached yourself from circumstances in regards to your dreams, then that’s a sure sign that you are on the right path towards them.

5. You feel like you are exactly where you should be.

Realizing you are exactly where you should and need to be in order to receive the lessons and growth that you need to, is definitely a sign that you are on the right path. This requires immense self-awareness, presence to the moment, and an appreciation for where you are right now. The truth is that no matter where you currently are in your journey right now, you are exactly where you need to be in order to receive. There are no wrong turns in life. You are exactly where you should be, no matter what that may look like on the outside.

6. You feel as though you are making progress every single day.

Even if it’s small progress, the consistent and daily action towards your goals feels as though every single day you are getting closer and closer towards your dreams. The truth is, no one was ever an overnight success. It required daily, deliberate action in order to achieve monumental results. And if you’re enjoying the process and cashing in small incremental wins each and every day, then I promise you that you are well on your way to achieving your goals!

7. You feel like you are distancing from some people.

It’s nothing personal. But oftentimes when we have big goals for ourselves, we need to become the person that can achieve them. Oftentimes, this means shedding the “old” you and stepping into the “new” you. Everyone in life is on their own unique path, and people may serve you well at certain points of your life. However, if it’s time to make space and it’s time to welcome in new people that are aligned with you, then there is no room for things that are no longer worth your time. If you are constantly growing into the person that you want to become, then you are on the right path.

8. You are genuinely happy.

Cliche, yes, but at the very same time, if you are pursuing the path that feels most true and right to you, then oftentimes you will just be genuinely happy for both yourself and for others. True happiness is independent of circumstances, and it’s a daily choice that comes from within. If you’re genuinely happy, it means that your life is moving in the direction that fulfills you, and you not only want the best for yourself, but genuine happiness for others as well.

You are well on your way, and all you have to do to see how far you’ve come is change your perspective!

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