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This Is How You Finally Let Go Of Your Past

Trigger warning: Eating disorders

As we navigate our way through life, time passes, but unfortunately, the scars that often come alongside it persist. We take what’s happened to us and we bring it with us wherever we go. But in turn, our past holds us back. It stops us from truly living. And what was once a distant memory of a past life becomes our reality over and over again in our current one.

But I need you, the reader, to know that this is no way to live.

The truth is, if you allow what’s been done to you to become what is now, then you will never be able to fully and whole-heartedly move on from your past trauma. It will always control you. Instead of resisting what’s happening to you, change the meaning of it. Accept what is, but create what it means to you.

You see, no matter how traumatic something may be—no matter how horrible something may seem—we are always given a choice in the way that we perceive it and the lessons that we take from it. It is up to us whether we shed our old identity and the “old” part of ourselves and step and delve into a “new” part of ourselves. It is always within our power to choose a new way of seeing things for ourselves.

Years ago, I went through an eating disorder that changed my relationship with the way I looked at food. I viewed certain foods as either “good” or “bad”. And in turn, social events consisting of food, as well as eating out with friends, gave me immense anxiety. However, eventually I learned to change the meaning of food, and in turn, I was able to shed the old skin of myself and bring about a new one.

“Food is good.” “Food is fuel.” “Nights out with friends is fun and engaging.”

These are some of the things that I would affirm to myself over and over again until I was finally able to change the meaning of something that was causing me deep and immense stress. As soon as I changed the association in my mind, my life began to change and I was able to let go of my past beliefs in order to formulate new ones.

Oftentimes, our past holds us back from truly living. If we don’t acknowledge and become aware of the beliefs from our past that are holding us back, then we will always be a victim to them. But we don’t have to. In fact, doing so is always a choice.

Choose to let go of what’s been done. And in doing so, you will choose to bring about a new state of being and a new way of living.

A happier one, nonetheless.

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