This Is Why Strong Women Fall Harder Than Everyone Else

Falling in love, no matter who you are, isn’t the easiest. Love isn’t complicated, people are. So despite the seemingly perfect circumstances, we continuously make it harder for ourselves. We constantly stop ourselves short or work against it. We’re afraid of it, but so giving to it. Almost too giving.

Strong women know this story all too well. You see, strong women love a little differently than anyone else. 

Strong women know that love is something that they don’t need in life to survive, but it is something we need in life to enrich our purpose. It’s an add-on, a bonus, to our already fabulous selves. And even then, we do just fine on our own.

We know we don’t need love to survive, yet it’s something we crave. It’s something we still want like everyone else, because after all, we are human. But we’re more than that. We’re strong. We’re powerful. We hold our own. We don’t need a relationship. Though we want a partnership.

So we let ourselves fall. We allow ourselves to be free and open to the possibility of showing a part of our own vulnerabilities to the world in order to achieve a certain level of mutual love and affection that we all strive for.

But when we fall, we fall the hardest. We give in. We give in because it’s the one part of our lives in which we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

We allow our hearts to be at the hands of someone else. We let ourselves be in the control of something else that we have zero control over. We may be able to be that friend who is the rock, the planner, the “always prepared,” woman, but there’s something about love that makes us weak in the knees. It allows us to give in a little to our softer side, even if it’s not always to our benefit.

You know when a strong woman is falling for you when she lets down her barriers and lets you in. There are more stakes at hand. You see, it takes a lot for a strong woman to like someone enough to let them in. She might date around, meet a million men (drastic over-exaggeration), yet she knows that there will be someone out there that will bring those barriers down without leaving her to build them back up after a few days, weeks, or months.

You see, love, it scares us, even when we seem fearless. It exhilarates us, even when we seem calm. It hurts us, even when we remain strong because we have to. But being hurt does not stop us from continuing to fall hard every single time.

A strong woman falls the hardest because she’s been through it all before. We’ve been through the pain of falling in love and having it not work out. At this point, we’ve felt the worst, so we know we can get through it just fine. We know we can make it. And through every heartbreak, it gives us renewed hope that there’s better out there. Because we know we deserve more than less. We know that we deserve more than mediocrity.

A strong woman may seem like someone who can bounce back at the first note of the “Lemonade” album, swinging bats at fire hydrants in our yellow dresses. But really, we’re deep. Our hearts are made of mush that we hope you don’t squish into apple sauce. We love deeply, we love fully – because there’s not one aspect of our life that we half-ass. There’s not one part of us that isn’t sure that we deserve a strong love to fit our strong souls. There is not one part of our hearts that doesn’t doubt for a moment that there is a love out there for us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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