Here Are The 12 Types Of Love

1. New Love

Oh, this love is so fun. You don’t even realize you love them. It’s more of a ‘like,’ honestly, because you’d never admit to yourself it’s love. It’s not a deep love, but more of a “call me back, and also don’t get hit by a truck, thanks,” kind of love. But regardless, it’s a bundle of nerves and a whole bunch of fun at the same time. It’s miserable because it can be taken away so quickly, but you’re also just so damn hopeful it’ll last. It’s the cutest of love, next to old people love, which I’ll get to.

2. Routine Love

You’ve been dating for a while, and you love each other. It’s just a fact. There’s this cozy comfort in this person. Routine sounds like it’s a bad thing, but it’s really not. It’s simplicity. There’s no questioning. There’s really no hiding your feelings for each other and it’s great. They’re right there for you, and you’re right there back. There’s comfort in that.

3. Disgusting Love

Get a room, sickos.

4. Infatuation Love

You love the idea of this person. By god, you want them, but outside of that, there’s really no connection. This love is often fleeting, a whirlwind. There’s so much about this person that you want to be a part of of, but low and behold, there’s not much meat to the relationship now, is there? You love the thought of being with this person, and you want to be with them. But once you have them in your grasp, you realize that you aren’t quite meant for each other the way you thought. This kind of love can be the one that breaks your heart in the easiest way.

5. Friend Love

You want to love this friend, but it’s just not there. Like you love them, but you don’t love them. It’s just not there for you. You’d be perfect for each other, but they just don’t get it going for you, hence why you’re friends. But it’s okay. You provide a different support for each other than a lover ever could.

6. Fake Love

You want it to work so badly. But guess what? It doesn’t. So you force this idea onto yourself that this person is “good enough” for you and you are “good enough” for them, so you march along onto this syllabus that was handed to you during childhood about what you should be doing with your love life – fall in love, marriage, house, babies, etc. But not with this person maybe. No, cut it off and find yourself an “In It To Win It Love.”

7. The “One” Love

They’re it. Plain and simple. It might take a while for you to realize it, but they’re it. You might break up, get back together, break up again, etc, but at the end of it all, you realize that there is no one quite on earth like this person. You’d give everything for them. They’re so perfect that you almost hate them for it, because you didn’t think there would be a person in the world that could make you feel this way.

8. In It To Win It Love

You guys are in it. You’re not giving up on this. You’re partners in life. You can somehow watch this person have food poisoning and still want to have sex with them (much later). You’ve been through it, whether it is losing a job or having a child, buying house or the death of a parent…and they were there. They were supporting you the whole way through it. You couldn’t imagine life without them. I’d like to think that this is the next step to “The One Love,” because it goes far deeper than that.

9. Tragic Love

It ended and it shouldn’t have. Unrequited. This kind of love is deeply embedded into your soul, and it passes through you slowly, but eventually you heal. You will always feel the pangs of this love, but it’s never quite the same as it was before. And you know this. Your love would never be the same if you were to be together again. And everyone knows this. No matter what you do or who you love thereafter, you’ll always remember this person. Perhaps, in another lifetime, you’ll be together.

10. Your Parents’ Love

Now this can be taken two ways, the kind where your parents love you even if you totally screw up or the love they have for each other. I’m going to talk about the latter. Their love isn’t always the best. They’ve fought. They’ve hugged it out. They’ve learned how to make it through their 20s, 30s, 40s and so on…and you’ve witnessed it all. They’ve made the biggest impression on how to love. It may or may not have messed you up, honestly, but it might’ve shown you what kind of love you’re looking for whether it’s the same or different from your own.

11. Unhealthy Love

Ugh, we all have that ex. They can’t have you, so they want you. They finally get you, and they don’t want you any more. It’s a vicious cycle. But you still care for them, because it went deeper than that. After all, you had a different kind of love before. You had a new love or a routine love or something else. But it ended and now you still care for each other, but it can never be again. Point blank. You’re toxic to each other.

12. Old People Love

The cutest love of all, obviously. Who hasn’t welled up watching two old people hold hands in the park? They’ve been through it all. Even the most garbage parts about a relationship, they stuck through it. They’re more of a partnership than anything else. They’ve learned forgiveness, strength, perseverance through each other. It’s a long love. It’s a tragic kind of love because one must always go before the other, but they know that they’d never want anyone else by their side than their mate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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