10 Texts You Can Send When You Think You’re Getting Ghosted


We’ve all ghosted. It happens, but it’s garbage behavior that needs to stop. In turn, I’m sure we’ve all been ghosted. While you can easily get the hint, you still deserve respect while being rejected. You also have the responsibility to call someone out on their shitty behavior in the hopes that it discourages them from doing it again to another person. It’s a cycle, so let’s stop it from happening one text at a time. Here is what I have for you: text templates you can simply send when you think you’re being ghosted.

1. “Hey, I haven’t heard from you and honestly I’m not quite sure if I want to at this point. If you’ve lost interest, then I wish you were just honest.”

2. “Since I haven’t heard from you, I want to assume we are on the same page, and in an effort to be more open, I don’t see us going anywhere past friendship. If there was something I did, I hope that you can be upfront with me.”

3. “Honestly, I really had a lot of hope that you and I would go somewhere, but I guess that isn’t the case. Good luck, and I hope another girl/guy/person never has to deal with being ghosted by you.”

4. “Listen, I can take the hint that you’ve lost interest, but the least you could’ve done is given me a heads up. It’s incredibly disrespectful for you to ghost someone you’ve slept with, regardless of where we were in our relationship together.”

5. “I’m just wondering what happened to make you vanish. If you aren’t interested, you could’ve just told me. People are allowed to change their feelings. If it’s something else, I’d like to know. It’s the least you could do.”

6. “Since you clearly don’t have the decency to send a rejection text, I’d thought I’d help you out. “Dear NAME, I’m sorry I am not interested in you any more.” See? It’s not that hard. You blew it with me, so don’t even try to text me back.

7. “Wow. Honestly, I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. I wish you were just upfront with me, but I guess you can’t rely on some people to be decent. I hope no one else has to deal with this garbage.”

8. “Hey, is everything alright? I haven’t heard from you and thought we had a great connection. I am just asking because this has never happened to me before and I feel like it is hurtful to not be upfront with someone.”

9. “I really don’t want to assume anything, but I haven’t heard from you. I hope everything is alright, but if not, I wish you were just up front with me if you lost interest.”

10. Simply send this gif:

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