How You Know You’ve Found Someone Who Is Worth It


Date after date. Text after text. Crush after crush. How do you know if you’ve met a “good” one? A good guy or girl that will treat you right? The one you have been looking for, waiting for, and wanting – after all of these random strangers coming in and out of your life as if your heart was a revolving door. Eventually, even the strongest doors get worn out. So how do you know if someone is worth what you’re worth?

You know someone is worth it when you look at each other with constant wonder.

They just want to know what is going on in your head. They want to know your inner demons and your struggles. They want to know what makes you love. They want to know all about you. They look at you like they want to know about every single cell that exists in your body.

You know someone is worth it when they stick around. While everyone else that you have known has let you go without even a blink of any eye, this person fights for you. This person doesn’t let you leave. And if they do, it’s because they know you need to reflect. They know you need your space. But they don’t ever fully leave you. In today’s world of dating, there are so many options that you are constantly left at the junk yard while others trade you in for a newer model. But this person – they stay. To them, you are the only option.

You know someone is worth it because they won’t make you feel crazy. They won’t let you question yourself and every single aspect of your life to make them happy. They won’t make you wonder why they haven’t called you back or why they haven’t tried making plans again. They won’t make you question yourself, because they accept all of you for what you are and who are you are and for everything you do. And while that bad habit you have might drive them crazy, you wouldn’t be you without that bad habit. And they wouldn’t trade that for anything.

A person who is worth it will fight with you. They will fight with you because they know that the things worth having in life require the most work.

They will fight because they want you to be happy just as much as they want to be happy. They won’t fight against you, but they will fight with you, for you. They know that sometimes they can’t get their words straight or keep their attitude in line, but they work through it with you to discover resolutions together. They know and expect you to call them out on that because they want to improve for you. And you know that you can’t get away with acting like a jerk without them calling you out. You don’t just fight, you grow.

You know someone is worth it when they have respect for you. This person will support you and nurture your interests, your desires, your needs. This person won’t put you down for having a different opinion. This person will be your biggest cheerleader, but also your best coach. They will look out for you, but let you learn the lessons you need to experience.

You know someone is worth it when they surprise you every day. Not in big ways, but in little ways that will make you sit back and think about all of the ways that you are alike or different. For some reason, you view this person in a different light than anyone else that you have met.

There are so many ways to know that you’ve found the best one for you. But the important thing to remember is your self worth. Don’t short change yourself for someone who fits the “idea” of what a good partner is. Explore your wants and needs. Be picky. You only have so much love to give, so let it be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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