18 Reasons Why Moving Back In With Your Parents Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

The umbilical cord can only be stretched so far. This is why you should never leave.
Billy Madison
Billy Madison

1. Your bed. A real mattress on a bed frame with a box spring – with clean sheets and more than one pillow (exhale) – is the best thing to dive into head-first when you realize you are still living with your parents. But it’s fine, because you can still sleep at night no matter how strongly your mid-twenties anxiety hits you.

2. Face it – your mom’s laundry always turns out better than yours. It smells better, it’s not wrinkled, it’s actually done before you run out of underwear. Why on earth would you leave that to move somewhere where you’d have to actually pay for mediocre laundry?

3. Because bills suck. Paying to actually be able to use a television you bought is just nonsense.

4. While we’re on the topic of television – CABLE. Real cable that you can watch in real time or record on their awesome DVR. It’s so expensive for your parents, so you do your due diligence to make sure that it is worth their money by never leaving the couch.

5. Who doesn’t love coming home to a meal at the table? Nothing is better than your parents’ cooking skills, and it definitely beats dumping a jar of sauce into a whole pound of pasta for dinner 4 nights in a row.

6. The food is good and the food is free. Want a pudding cup? Go in the cabinet. Feel like Chinese food tonight? Suggest it for dinner. Need to do some shopping at Whole Foods? Too late! Mom and Dad already went there and stocked the fridge with organic coconut water. Sit back, relax, and keep your paycheck safely in your checking account where it belongs.

7. Not to mention, real knives to cut things with. Real forks to eat with. The plastic forks and knives that you get from Grubhub can only last so long, and your parents’ set of Wüsthof brand cutlery would be so dearly missed if you ended up moving out. You’d find yourself reverting back to caveman ways of eating in a matter of seconds.

8. Parents are the best roommates. They won’t come home drunk and eat all of your food – or maybe they will. But it’s probably their food to begin with, in all fairness.

9. You will never run out of toilet paper or toothpaste or shampoo or really anything that you need to actually feel like human being.

10. Sometimes your parents do nice things for you like getting your oil changed or deciding to take everyone for ice cream because they like you. You probably won’t find something like that again until you’re married.

11. Perhaps you need something to add to your wardrobe. Well don’t worry! Mom went to Kohl’s today and got you three shirts that were on sale. Not to mention, she has a whole closet of wonderful clothes that you can “borrow”.

12. If your parents charge you rent, it probably won’t be as much as the $1200/month for a 300 square foot studio with a rat problem.

13. Two words: Costco Membership. Because you need the 500 count box of tampons and a gallon of salsa to go with it.

14. Your pets live with you. That favorite fluffy friend is still here after all that time of being by your side through awkward high school experiences, winter break from college, and that post-college slump you find yourself in when you can’t find a job.

15. Can we just talk about your parents’ pool? Can we just bask in the idea that you pretty much have an escape from reality in your own backyard?

16. You get to know some of your neighbors you haven’t seen in years or perhaps family you don’t see outside of the occasional graduation party. You get closer to your roots, and it’s kind of nice.

17. You get to connect with old friends from high school. It’s sort of weird hitting up a place you used to go to when you were both twelve, but it’s heartwarming to find that something has remained constant after all of the years of growth and rapid change in your life.

18. Your parents are your first best friends you make here on earth. Despite getting on your nerves sometimes and the fact that you are moving on to be more independent, they are still the best at supporting you while you’re still getting your feet on the ground. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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