The Advantages Of Being Single That Girls In Relationships Don’t Realize

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Flickr / bandita

First of all, I have nothing against relationships. Relationships are fine. They’re… Sweet. And awwww-y. And, well… Sweet. I have been in a couple or so relationships, and I guess they were nice while they lasted. So really, I have nothing against relationships. It’s just that… I have been single for two years now (Wow, it’s been two years already?) and I’m pretty happy about it.

Whenever I see friends, or when they see (or find) me, they’d always ask if I’m already married, no, kids, no, boyfriend, NO, why, uhmm, uhh…

Well, you see, when you are just happy about the fact that you are happy about something, you will usually find yourself thinking of a reason. Why in John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt’s name am I this happy about being alone and not having anyone to be ewwy with? And the first reason you’d usually come up with is uhmmm, uhhh, uhhh… Like I always say, why should there be a reason for everything? Why can’t you just like something because you like it? Why can’t you just be somewhere because you are there? Why can’t people just accept the fact that a person’s life must never depend on anyone else?

There are people out there who are just so desperate to find someone that they’d end up with a bajillion wrong people in a short period of time. I mean, why the fuck do you need to waste your time on people who are not the one you want? You’d end up whining and complaining and just getting tired of it all that you just stop. And when the right one comes along, you wouldn’t even know it, because you’ve already closed your doors. And your windows. No offense, but… You fucking idiots!!!

Sure, it gets lonely. I mean, why on earth are these people hugging and kissing and cuddling in front of me? Geez, get a fucking room. Yes, I understand. It could get lonely. You can say that it has been so long since someone held your hand or looked straight into your eyes and just tell you you’re beautiful and that they love you.

Sure, I understand that it has been so long since you laughed oh so genuinely about the fact that you two feel like the only people in the world, and fuck those single people, we’re going to hold hands while we walk because we are totally, madly, like ridiculously in love with each other. I know. It’s been so long. But why are you giving up now if you have made it this far?

If you’re reading this, and you are single, please, embrace it. Embrace it and own it like you’ve never owned anything in this world before. When you’re starting to feel lonely and tired of being alone, believe that good things come to those who wait. It could be in a week, it could be in a year, it could be in ten years, but really, hold on to it and never let it go. You’ll be okay because you’re pretty freakin’ awesome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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