Please Don’t Give Up On Love

Pablo Heimplatz

One day the sun will shine so bright again that you’ll never have to feel the pain of being the one who’s always been left behind, who’s always been a second choice, the one who’s always been neglected and the one whose heart has been bleeding since the day you started loving.

One day the endless rain will finally stop and the morning will come when all the birds will fly freely in the sky and you will never have to cry with the rain again. You will finally see a ray of light bringing colors to your empty room.

One day the pain in your heart that was compiled throughout the years will finally say goodbye to its dwelling place and you will learn how to be strong again. You will know that deep inside the layers of your skin and bones, better days are coming.

One day, this will become a memory of the unfaithful destiny of yours. A memoir to be remembered and a lesson to be learned and you will look back at it with such pride in yourself.

Because always remember this, you may experience different levels of pain, sadness, or sorrow from loving too much but you will surely someday achieve the happiness that you’ve always longed for.

A broken heart is a heart that has loved too much and a heart that has loved too much is a heart that’s worth keeping. A broken heart doesn’t signify weakness. It only means you are a true warrior of love.

So, please don’t give up.

Just because someone broke you or ghosted you, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be loved by someone anymore. Continue to be the one who loves too much and the one who is not afraid to be broken. Because one day, it will all pay off. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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