How To Playfully Tease A Woman And Win Her Over

Cristian Newman

How “nice” are you when it comes to talking to women?

And when I say “nice”, what I really mean is how neutral, polite and SAFE do you keep your conversations with women in the hopes of not creeping them out?

Well from here on out I want you to STOP IT because it’s turning us women off!!!


Because while you may be keeping her safe from thinking “ugh this guy is creepy”… What you are also doing, is eliminating any chance of her feeling attraction, chemistry, a spark…All the things you want her to be feeling around you.

The reason why “bad boys” are so attractive to women is not because they are BAD. It’s because every time we are with a “bad boy” he makes us feel something.

The biggest difference between guys who are “nice” and guys that get girls a.k.a “bad boys” is that they are not afraid to create a little harmless tension.

Guys who are good with girls don’t mind ruffling a few feathers—not in a rude or malicious way but a fun, playful and challenging way. That’s why women are drawn to, what you refer to as “bad boys”.

I don’t refer to them as bad boys because no woman actually wants to be with a guy that is BAD or plays childish mind games. Those shady tactics never work on high-quality women.

That’s why what I’m about to share with you is so wonderful. It’s a way for you act like a bad boy without actually be bad. In fact, it’s the opposite of bad but it’s still pretty damn sexy 😉

PLUS It works even more effectively on extremely beautiful women. And I’m pretty sure it’s what’s missing from your 1st dates that is stopping you from getting the 2nd date.

The easiest and fastest way to turn women ON is to engage in Playful Teasing.

Here’s why Playful Teasing works:

It automatically sets you apart from every other guy out there who is too afraid to push the boundaries.

You appear more Masculine. This allows us to relax into our femininity. So we feel girly and happy to be around you.

It’s light-hearted and makes us feel like you’re a fun guy to be around.

It shows you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.

It shows that you are not afraid to lose us.

Nice guys shower women with non-stop compliments. Because they think it will win her over. I actually had one guy say to me, “I can’t believe you went out with me.” When I asked him why, he said: “because you’re ridiculously hot…”

Even though I appreciated the compliment, he made me feel like I was doing him a favor by going out with him. That’s not sexy. We want to feel like YOU are the prize.

A “bad boy” would have teased me and said, “you’re lucky I fit you into my schedule” with a big smirk on his face to let me know he’s not being totally serious.

Being a bad boy is all about pushing the boundaries in a fun and playful way.

Here are some examples of how to be playfully tease without being a jerk:

You Can Make Fun of Her (in a non-hurtful way):

Identify one of her quirks and poke fun at her for it…it shows you’re paying attention to her beyond just looks alone. Don’t overthink it. It could be as simple as teasing her about her complicated coffee order. You might say something like, “you forgot to ask for whipped cream made by tiny unicorns.”

A non playful, “nice” guy would never tease her about her order. In fact he may even say “wow, that sounds good. I’ll have one of those as well”.

Another example is when you invite a woman back to your place you can say something like “Don’t think this means you’re getting lucky” or “Just because I’m inviting you back to my place doesn’t mean I’m easy”.

A “nice guy” would never want to put the idea that he was even thinking of sex. It would be too risky and he’d be afraid to offend her.

See how these statements are not “bad” or mean… they are just edgy enough to create a little good-hearted tension and get her thinking about you as more than that “nice” guy.

You Can Banter:

Banter is two way teasing. A back and forth between you and a girl. I always compare bantering to a volleyball game. You hit the ball over the net, she hits it back, you dive and smash the ball over the net, she jumps and volley’s back…. and it continues. The ball being your exchange of witty words.

Banter is butterfly juice for most women. Meaning that when done correctly it can make our hearts, stomachs and other fun areas flutter 😉

You Can Use Schoolyard Competition:

5-year old competitive games still work. Women love it when you play fight, thumb wrestle or initiate any other fun and silly challenge. It signals that you don’t take yourself too seriously. And when you’re relaxed, she relaxes. You set the tone. So keep it fun and light, and she’ll want to spend more time with you.

The reason WHY playfully teasing works so well with us women to spark attraction is because it let’s her know more about you.

It’s let’s her know you’re confident, comfortable, don’t take things too seriously, can enjoy life, not afraid to be you, don’t put women on pedestals and see them as equals.

All super sexy and wonderful things!

When a guy teases me, I feel light, feminine, dainty and like a woman. When a guy acts “Nice” with me, I don’t feel anything at all. Actually that’s not true. I do feel something. I feel bad. Bad that I’m not into a guy that is so sweet and giving and caring and complimentary and I just wish I had that spark with him.

Now you can give that spark and still be that “nice” guy you want to be! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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