How To Escalate Things Over Text With The Girl You Like

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Finally, I have an amazing, real-life example of how to escalate over text messages!!!

A little back story.

One of my favorite clients wrote me, asking what I thought of a recent email exchange he had with a woman he just met.  Truthfully, I think he was writing just to brag or show off because what he showed me was perfection!! It was an amazing example of how to slowly escalate with a woman in a way that makes her feel safe, secure and SEXY!


I’ll write my comments at the end which will tell you WHY this worked so well and got her, not only flirting back, but also escalating on her end.

Real Life Example

Hi Marni,

I’m sending a lot your way, but hopefully these specific case examples are easier to process than my previous 10 page soul-searching gut-wrenching self-analysis emails 

I’ll give you background on each girl so you get the full story.

Let’s call this girl O.

We’d had one flirty conversation over text before – she’d asked my sign, I said Leo. Said she was “Virgo coming after me”

So I said you’re coming after me, I thought I was chasing you

She said “I don’t mind to be chased by a Leo

I said OK, let’s just mutually get to know one another, no one’s chasing anyone.

But if you want me to chase you later, I’m happy to chase you, catch you and pin you down.

She blushed, and said she hadn’t tried that before, and it was cute, but we didn’t push it.

This next conversation became much steamier.

[My goal here wasn’t to make it brief and get a date. It was to take my time and sexually escalate, and create enough impact that she’d be thinking of me for the next few days]

Me: Hi. Hope your weekend was good.

Me: I managed to do something as adventurous as you – I washed my car 

O: Lol that’s nice to know, it’s a great feeling when you see it clean

Me: Yes it is – all fresh…

Me: kinda like when you put fresh clean sheets on the bed and have a shower and get in the sheets. Feels so good and clean 

O: Lol. I like how you described it Nice imagination!

Me: At least you can’t accuse me of talking dirty

O: not yet…

Me: Of course if you’re snuggled up under those sheets with me …

O: Oh, that’s closer

Me: Do you like cotton or silk sheets?

O: cotton is the best.

Me: 900 thread count Egyptian cotton. Only thing softer is your skin

O: True… so good

Me: Do you like to snuggle or roll over and sleep?

O: of course snuggle!

Me: Awww 

O: You? lol

Me: OMG it’s the best – almost as nice as the sex Me: Nothing’s as sweet as holding you in my arms all night.

O: Hell yeah.  That can be nonstop, and sex can’t be

Me: It’s been known to happen O: You like to go all night long? lol

Me: Yes, with some breaks if I don’t have to get up, like 4 or more,  if that’s what you’re asking.

O: Wow… it’s alot. lol.

Me: May feel delirious after. and collapse.

Me: But just when you think you’ll get some sleep, I start to move … And you say “No, I can’t again” and I say “Oh yes. You’re mine”

O: OMG. Well that’s a Leo’s nature Me: what do you like?

O: well, you can kiss my boobs

Me: Me: If we ever do find ourselves in those sheets, I am very tender and gentle.

O: Wow. I like that. I love gentle.

Me: Awww that’s beautiful.

Me: what if I was kissing your neck, and then started kissing tenderly all over your body.

O: (happy faces)

Me: Even your elbows? behind your knees? are you ticklish?

O: Yes, in a good way

Me: ohhh. then where should I spend some extra time?

O: neck, around nipples

Me: soft wet kisses. Gently blowing, your tiny hairs tingling, you shiver…

O: lol I did shiver

Me: you’re wiggling when I kiss your neck.  you have such a cute giggle…

O: I really do. Now I won’t be able to fall asleep

Me: I slowly trace circles around your nipples with the tip of my tongue, but never get there in your dream…

O: Nice, I will be dreaming about you. and all the stuff you will be doing to me

Me: I will be dreaming about my ticklish Ukrainian girl

O: Yes, I enjoyed the conversation.

Me: Sweet dreams talk tomorrow.

O: good night.

And BOOM!!!! That’s how you escalate and get to talking dirty.

Did you notice what my client did?

Do you know WHY O responded so well and wanted him to continue escalating?

Because my client did something that most men have no clue how to do?

He correctly used The F Formula which walks women through 3 phases of flirting to get them eager and excited to be with you….

And my client did it perfectly! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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