8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Flirting

If you watch other women flirting and feel like it’s something they’re just ‘born with’, think again. With a few, subtle approaches, you can easily flirt with any man and enjoy yourself in the process!

Seduction is an age-old art. Ask any ‘artist’ what the key to their success is, and they’ll quickly tell you it’s their passion for it. This passion sparks their individuality, and when your authentic self is allowed to shine in this way, you can conquer anything. Even flirting.

1. Have A Positive Attitude

When you radiate a positive attitude, you instantly become approachable and alluring to others without having to do a thing. People who live with a ‘glass half full’ approach to life, view new experiences as an adventure, and we sense this as soon as we meet them.

In terms of flirting, when you radiate positivity – you are flirting! You’re flirting with life as a whole. A positive attitude allows your playful side enough room to escape and enhance dating in a way that makes flirting a natural state of being, rather than something you have to try hard to learn.

2. Make the Most of Your Smile

We need not wait until something is funny to smile; you can make the expression a part of your regular demeanour. Practice by smiling every time you say hello to anyone, smiling at strangers in the street, and smiling at yourself in the mirror when you wake up.

Not only will a beautiful smile attract men to you, they’ll want to bask in your attention for longer. Smiling is the ultimate way to show someone your warmth, your friendliness, and your inner and outer beauty. Plus, it’ll make you feel confident and happy, even if you’re full of nerves.

3. Be Free with Compliments

It’s no secret that we all love compliments, and they enhance a flirty conversation, because admiration from another allows our self-confidence to bloom. This isn’t about going overboard with gushing praise; it simply means don’t be afraid to speak up when you like something a guy has said or done.

If he’s made an effort dressing for dinner, let him know that he looks good; if he pays for you, thank him sincerely, rather than argue with him; if he says something you find inspiring, make sure he knows how interested you are in what he has to say.

4. Use Those Eyes

Gazing into a guy’s eyes instantly heightens your connection with him and enables sparks to fly. Great eye contact always makes others feel comfortable, safe, and that they’re in the presence of a confident, trustworthy person. When you do this, it makes room for more flirting and less awkwardness.

We look like scared rabbits when we avoid eye contact by nervously looking around or allowing our attention to be taken by whoever is passing by. We don’t feel very special if the person we’re dating doesn’t appear to be focused on us (even if you are, but you’re not looking at him because of nerves). Your eyes are beautiful…let him see that.

5. Don’t Be Scared of Gentle Touch

Some of us are ‘touchy feely’ type of people; others assume it’s an invasion of privacy, and many simply aren’t accustomed to physical affection, especially when in the presence of a new date.

Touching is a big part of flirting, but it need not be anything sleazy or even outwardly sexual. Just the smallest of touches to his forearm, leg, or hand can be enough to signal flirtatiousness, without overtness, which can immediately heighten connection and arousal.

6. Twirling Your Hair Actually Works

Playing with your hair by pushing it over your shoulder or running your hand through it can be a powerful flirting technique. Whether it’s because pheromones are released or it’s tied to sexuality is up for constant debate. The point is, it works, perhaps even because of the mystery behind it.

Flirting is all about the hidden messages in acts that aren’t necessarily sexual, yet convey seduction. Men are visual creatures and simple gestures, such as subtly playing with your hair, can increase the sense of anticipation and, therefore, the fun in the game of flirting.

7. Be Cheeky

Remember when you were at school and most girls were in love with that cheeky, smiling boy always laughing, good natured, but just naughty enough to be entirely intriguing? Sometimes, life gets in the way, and we forget that playfulness is one of the most attractive qualities in a person, in the search for careers, money, and ever-evolving goals.

Put the seriousness away for a bit on your next date and unleash your sense of fun. Teasing a man and being playful and cheeky is a guaranteed way to up the flirting ante in any conversation.

8. Embrace Your Uniqueness

Letting your unique qualities shine is a wonderful flirting approach. None of us want to date carbon copy people, even if they are exceptionally good flirts. Men want to experience new personalities, fresh ideas, inspiring insights, and that comes from speaking with women who embrace themselves fully and aren’t afraid of putting their true selves out there.

When we flirt, one reason it’s so much fun is because our curiosity is piqued. When this happens, we feel like we can’t get enough of the source of the curiosity, so we keep going back for more.

Flirting isn’t about ‘trying’ to be a certain way. All the techniques in the world will not help if you don’t imbue them with your own, spectacular uniqueness. Embracing your uniqueness and giving your date a taste of it is an unbeatable combination. It’s the key ingredient that lights a fire beneath all the ‘common’ flirting techniques and turns them into the art of seduction. Thought Catalog Logo Mark