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7 Secrets About Men Most Women Don’t Know

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2. Men cannot get a date or romantic attention easily

If a woman wants a date, sex, or even just a little ego kick, it’s not exactly scarce. It could be as simple as jumping on Tinder or getting dressed up to go out for the night. A woman has the security of knowing romantic attention – at least in some form – is always available, should she want it. Each time a man has to move the relationship forward, there is a chance of you rejecting him.

Spare a thought for men, who, even if they jump online or go out, are not guaranteed any of the above. A man always has to risk rejection to earn a date or more from a woman. Many men, especially those who are good guys but aren’t necessarily confident or good looking, never know where their next hit of romantic attention might come from.


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    Every time I read dating suggestions I am forever glad that I am not single. If I did suddenly find myself single again I would be totally lost at how to date today. Most guys would like to have a “lady in the street but a slut in the sheets” but this brings up a Madonna conflict. How can a guy open doors, pull her chair out, and stand when a lady enters the room and then later, pull her hair, and slap her ass beet-red doggy style in bed?

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