6 Reasons Why Adventurous Friends Are Worth Keeping

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In our current world, it’s really hard to build real and true friendships that is why if you have a solid group then you are totally considered lucky. In friendships, people have different personalities and sometimes friends may clash because of it but one must remember that true friends know how to make amends in times of trouble. When you have adventurous friends, it’s a green light for you to know that you are in great hands. Yes, if you want to know why adventurous friends are worth keeping, see the list below:

1. They are fighters in life

Adventurous friends are considered fighters in life. When we say fighters, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they keep on fighting people or they are violent. It only means that they can handle whatever storm may come in their humble lives. Fighters are brave and passionate about anything and it important to surround yourself with those kinds of people because you will be strong like them as well.

2. They are travelers

Of course. Travelers are very much adventurous. Adventurous people tend to go to different parts of the world to explore and try out different extreme activities. Going out with your adventurous friends doesn’t only mean traveling for luxury and fun, it also means getting to know more about them and about yourself and it could also be a way for you to have a stronger relationship with your friends.

3. They never settle for less

Like anyone else, adventurous friends never settle for less. They say no when they don’t want to and they say yes without a doubt when they want to. There’s no pretensions and miscommunications, just pure honesty and respect for one another. Learn that you should not just view your friends as something like this, you yourself should also learn to not settle for anything less especially if you are a young adult who’s going through quarter-life crisis. Always follow your guts and instincts and always go for what you want rather than what other people wants for you.

4. They are always up for challenges

Adventurous people loves challenges and it’s definitely one of the qualities that you should look for in friends. Friends who are always ready for anything spontaneous and out of the blue are the realest of them all. Challenges will come in your life and it is important to have friends who are willing to save you from despair.

5. They are the marrying-type

If you secretly have a crush on one of your friends then consider yourself lucky. Whether or not you end up being together, it is important to build rapport and great relationship. Adventurous people are also considered the marrying-type because they care so much about their personal lives that they would also do it to their future lovers.

6. They know the best places to go

Yes, since they are adventurous then they’ve probably been to a lot of places and they already know where to go in case you plan on traveling with them. Being with friends in a foreign place is probably one of the best things in life so take good care of your friends and enjoy life.

Always keep in mind that your adventurous friends are definitely worth keeping. This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon some of your friends. This is only for you to realize that it’s okay to go out of your comfort zone from time to time just like your friends. It’s okay to explore the beauty outside the bubble you are in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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