5 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Be A Third Wheel (And What You Can Gain From It)

Stefan Stefancik
Stefan Stefancik

If you are a single human being with friends who are happily in a relationship, you would often find yourself in the so called “third wheel” position. Being a third wheeler could make you feel bitter because you don’t have someone with you when you travel or have a vacation with your friends. It’s always so hard to be in that position where your friends have their lovers beside them while you’re alone there with no one to hold. It’s quite weird, a little bit painful and awkward at the same time but there are many reasons and ways you can do to shed a light in that situation.

Here are the five reasons on why it is TOTALLY okay to be a third wheeler:

1. You can get more inspired

Stop being bitter. Stop thinking about your ex. If you happen to join a trip of your friend and his/her significant other, don’t you ever fret. Don’t feel awkward too. Being with them is actually a great way to be more inspired to love again. If you see how sweet they are with each other, you can imagine yourself being in that position again. Always look forward and let go of the past. If you imagine you and your ex’s sweetness before, you will only make things worst. Sure you’ll feel awkward when you see your friend and his/her lover making out but always remember that you should try to make an effort in turning negative things into positive.

2. You can practice your photography skills

Yes. You can volunteer as your friends’ photographer and that could actually be a way for you to practice your photography skills. Seriously, your friends will also appreciate your presence because you are there to capture their adventures. No, this is not about worshipping the idea of martyrdom, this is about appreciating and celebrating the happiness of others without asking for something in return. Someday, you will be able to be in that position and you will love and be loved again.

3. You can look after your best friend

This is probably the weirdest and also the best part of being a third wheeler. Sure your friends want privacy just like any other couple who only wishes to travel with the one they truly love BUT if they invited you, who are you to refuse? You can accept their invite in order for you to see if the other half of your best friend is gentle and caring. We only want what’s best for our best friend and in the end, friendships should still be one of your top priorities other than finding love because true love will come in the right place and time.

4. You can learn from their relationship

This is one of the most important things just like in any other kind of situation: LEARNING. If you travel with them, you will surely learn a lot because you will be able to witness their ups and downs. You will see how they treat each other and you will witness how they patch up things in case they go through hardships and troubles. Learning about love isn’t only about your personal experiences, learning about love is also about looking at how other people treat each other and how they handle things.

5. You can give them a friendly advice on relationship

You may not be that of an expert when it comes to relationships but you sure know the hows and whats of being in love. If they have some misunderstanding then you can act as their moderator. You can give them advice and you can tell them what to do in order to fix things. Be that friend who would be willing to do anything for the happiness of others. It’s great to help couples to have a more strong and bonded relationship especially if they are going through something so it is really important to lay out your thoughts to them because you were there for a reason.

Always remember that it is okay to be a third wheeler and that there is nothing wrong about it. In the end, what matters is that you did your part as a friend and you are sincere and honest with your thoughts and opinions. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and it will come to you in the right time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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